Dikļu pils

There is a four-star hotel inDikļi manor. It has 26 double occupancy rooms and three suites. The late 19th century and early 20th century antique furniture, ornate fireplaces and stoves, beautiful drapes, and satin sheets will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

The Dikļi Palace Hotel restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, for personal and business gatherings.

  • Dikļu pils
  • Photo: Reinis Hofmanis
  • Dikļu pils
  • Photo: Reinis Hofmanis
  • Dikļu pils ainava
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  • Divvietīga istaba
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  • Istaba
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  • Kamīnzāle
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  • Kāzas Dikļu pilī
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  • Mednieka luksus istaba
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  • Parks
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  • Divvietīga istaba
  • Photo: Reinis Hofmanis

The chef has created and interesting and sophisticated menu, which changes with the season. This season our menu includes many dishes made of local ingredients – fruit and vegetables, as well as lamb and fish.

At present, the Dikļi Palace Hotel hosts a hotel, restaurant, relaxation complex with saunas, Jacuzzi and a swimming pool, beautiful SPA as well as customers are offered premises for rent and catering for events. 

The main priorities in the strategy of the Dikļi Palace Hotel are the establishment of a leisure offering, rendering high quality services and, of course, renovation and maintenance of culture monuments in order to fulfil the future vision of ensuring that the Dikļi Palace Hotel is an exceptional place! The daily operation of the company pulsates with the idea of the preservation of a historical aura, creating an ancient and homely atmosphere for its guests.

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  • Restaurant
  • Skiing
  • SPA
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Last updated: 25.08.2014