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Adventure parks

Beautiful nature, active recreation, adrenaline and a healthy fatigue in the evening: this is the guarantee of the Latvian adventure parks, where people of all ages and shapes can find a suitable fun activity for themselves while almost emulating Tarzan or Mowgli.

A number of adventure parks operate in Latvia: in Sigulda, Cēsis, Ventspils and Riga.

At all of them you will be provided with safety equipment and tutorials and anyone can hit the wire ropes to face an obstacle course of appropriate difficulty level.

Meža kaķis

In Sigulda

Kaķīškalns in Sigulda is home to the Meža kaķis (Wild Cat) adventure park, featuring courses of six difficulty levels.

On each course, the final stage involves zip-lining to the ground using a special pulley.

The wire ropes used for moving around are located 2 to 17 metres above the ground.

There are two courses for pre-schoolers.

Showers are available after the physical exertions at an extra charge.

In Riga

There are similar activities available in Riga, not far from the Great Stage in Mežaparks. The Riga Meža kaķis offers five courses of various difficulty, 1 to 15 metres above the ground.

The Supervāvere

The Supervāvere (Super Squirrel) at the Adventure park "Ozolkalns" is located near Cēsis, on the territory of the Gauja National Park.

It has been built with the environment in mind, designed and constructed by French engineers with special expertise in this area who have created similar parks across the globe.

Supervāvere offers three courses:

  • a children’s and warm-up course with 15 obstacles,
  • a fitness course with 15 obstacles,
  • an adventure course with 25 obstacles.

All courses start and end on the ground; however, the adventure and fitness courses end in a free fall. You will need at least two hours to get through all three courses.

Once you have bought your tickets, you can enjoy the activities for three hours. Before doing so, you will have to cover the training course under the supervision of an instructor.

A special adventure – The Night of the Fireflies – can be booked in advance which involves completing the courses in the dark using headlamps.

At an additional charge, it is possible to warm up and grill sausages over a bonfire after completing the course.


The Tarzāns adventure park is located in the Gauja ancient river valley on the territory of the Gauja National Park.

This park operates a summer rodel (luge) track, which offers sensations similar to a rollercoaster: speeds of 40 kph can be reached when swooping down this 91-metre ancient river bank of the Gauja and a chairlift will take you back up.

Štromberga velosipēds (Štrombergs’s Bike) is an activity that lets you ride the bicycle of the BMX Olympic and World Champion Māris Štrombergs for 40 metres on a rope several metres above the ground. Tarzāns offers eight courses of varying difficulty, located 2 to 30 metres above the ground.

Lemberga hūte

Ventspils, too, has its own adventure park, situated on an artificially filled mound named after the favourite headgear of the long-time Mayor Aivars Lembergs: Lemberga hūte (Lembergs’s Fedora). This ski slope was created between 2003 and 2005 using construction debris and unusable soil material. In the summer, a rope course, Kaķa taka (Cat’s Trail), operates on Lemberga hūte, along with a number of other activities. There are a total of six courses of various difficulty levels. Other activities are offered to enthusiasts of physical pursuits: paintball, catapult, an inner tube slide, zorbing, and many others.

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