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Boating and rafting

Latvia is a water-rich country: hundreds of rivers, lakes, and the sea, of course. Not without the reason, water tourism is very popular in Latvia. It is not only unforgettable entertainment in a good company of friends, but also a great opportunity to enjoy magnificent nature and to experience exciting adventures. Latvia has 777 rivers exceeding 10 km and 17 rivers, the length of which is more than 100 kilometres.

The official guides provide only 80 rivers that are used for water tourism, but there are many more of those, where only separate parts of a river may be passed by boat. It is unbelievable, but water tourism in Latvia is meant for any taste and interest. You can have a lazy pleasure trip enjoying natural landscapes; you can hold a picnic on the raft, or can go on extreme adventures through the white-water rapids of the spring taken over by flood waters, or you can also spend several days visiting the most beautiful lakes of Latgale!

You can also go to the sea to look at the picturesque seacoast of Vidzeme in the Gulf of Riga from the deck of a sea boat. You can see it yourself; the only thing you have to do is to choose the journey you are interested in (you can find the most popular tour in the section of spring boating and water tourism), to find a good company and, of course, the equipment. There is no need to worry about the equipment, since almost all boat rentals offer everything you need in your journey. They provide you not only with boats but also specialized clothing and equipment.

There is a wide choice also of boats – inflatable rubber boats, inflatable rafts, catamarans, plastic kayaks and canoes. Moreover, the companies providing the services in water tourism will assist you in everything. They will help you not only to choose the most appropriate trip, but also deliver you and the boating equipment to the river and back, by making your trip as exciting and comfortable as possible. Everything is done according to your wishes, of course!

The most popular boat rentals are www.campo.lv, www.laivo.lv, www.juraslaivas.lv, www.mezmalaslaivas.lv, www.rakaricamp.lv, www.peldam.lv, www.laivunoma.lv, www.kurzemeslaivas.lv, www.ramkalni.lv, www.gaujas-laivas.lv, www.laivaslatgale.lv, www.kanoenoma.lv, www.amataklubs.lv, and others.

"Lauku celotajs" has excellently prepared information on water tourism trips in "Celvedis udensturismam" („Guide for Water Tourism”). You can get the information on water tourism opportunities from the tourism information centres and the municipalities of each region and the major cities.

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