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A pleasant pastime in the company of friends, an exciting competition for children or a nice relaxation with colleagues after a business conference – that’s bowling! Bowling halls can be found in Riga as well as in other big cities in Latvia.

Bowling on good-quality bowling lanes is not expensive in Latvia. In addition, every bowling hall offers rent of bowling footwear and the necessary equipment and can ensure professional guidance by experienced bowling instructors. There are several bowling halls in Riga: although none of them is centrally located, some are fairly accessible from the Old Town.

For example, a spacious bowling hall not far away in Pārdaugava – the recreation complex “Golden bowling centre” (2/4 Uzvaras Blvd.

) at the end of the Akmens Bridge alongside the Mārupīte River. Apart from the 22 bowling lanes it also houses 8 squash courts, a mini-football pitch, tennis courts, billiard tables and even laser paintball indoors.

In summer 2010 the “Golden bowling centre” hosted the European Championship in Women’s Bowling, which attests to the high standard of the bowling hall. Another hall, “Iceland”, with six bowling lanes is located in the “Iceland Hotel” (20 Ķīpsalas Str.) in Ķīpsala not far from the city centre. The active recreation centre “Joker Club” (12 Katrīnas Str.) situated not far from Andrejosta has four bowling lanes.  

At 27 Lielirbes Str. on the way from Riga airport to the city centre one cannot miss the leisure facilities of “Bowlero”– the eye-catching building contains two bowling halls with 12 lanes per either hall. Not far from “Bowlero” at 3 Spāres Str. hotel “Spāre” has 10 bowling lanes; on the right bank of the Daugava River hotel “Unimars” at 17 Duntes Str. has six bowling lanes  whereas the hotel “Toss” at 6 Ķengaraga Str. in Ķengarags has an excellent bowling hall “Toss Bouling”.  

At 4 Vaidavas Str. in Purvciems there is a bowling hall called “Mēness boulings” (Moon Bowling). Riga’s shopping centres too offer bowling facilities: for instance, “Fantasy Park” at the centre of fashion and entertainment “Riga Plaza” (71 Mūkusalas Str.) or „Dzintara boulings” (Amber Bowling) with its 12 bowling lanes at the shopping centre “Domina” (3 Ieriķu Str.).  

Even otside Riga, almost every big city in Latvia has its own bowling hall. To name a few:

  • “Amber Bowling” (66 Peldu Str.) in Liepāja;
  • “Bauska Bowling” (1 Katoļu Str.) in Bauska;
  • “Zemgale Bowling” (11 Rīgas Str.) in Jelgava;
  • „Orange Bowling” (60 Cietokšņa Str.) in Daugavpils,
  • “Marocco” (14 Kareivju Str.) in Talsi;
  • “Elvi Bowling” not far from the central station (1 Vidus Str.) in Sigulda;
  • “Smiltene Bowling” (2 Baznīcas Str.) in Smiltene;
  • at 1 Tirgus laukums (Market Square) in Ventspils;
  • “Rio Rio Bowling Club” (49 Meža prospect) in Jūrmala;
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