By bus

One can travel to Latvia in comfortable coaches, because Latvia has an extensive coach transport network with almost all major European and Russian cities.

Coaches are one of the most convenient ways of travelling to Latvia, because the international routes are so extensive and various that it is possible to travel to Latvia from almost any place in Europe, one just has to go to the city that has a direct route to Riga. These are the following cities – London (ride to Latvia lasts 36 hours), Berlin (20 hours and 20 minutes), Bern (a day and a half), Prague (22 hours), Vienna (26 hours), Warsaw (12 hours), Münster (28 hours), Tallinn (4 hours), Vilnius (4 hours) and others. Moreover, following Latvia’s accession to the Schengen Zone, the prolonged customs controls on the borders have been abolished.

The major international carriers are “Ecolines” and “Lux Express”. For the convenience of passengers, the coaches of these companies in some of the routes stop not only at Riga Central Bus Station, but also at the international airport “Riga”.

More extensive information on international coach connections with Latvia is available from: www.autoosta.lv