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For business travellers

Latvia has demonstrated its capacity to organise top-level meetings, proving to be most suitable for business conferences. In addition to seminars, business people can experience more of Latvia without much hurry.

Close to the centre

The advantage of Latvia and Riga is the airport’s proximity to the centre of the capital – there aren’t many places in the world where a hotel in the very heart of the country can be reached in 10-15 minutes. In your free-time take a leisured stroll through the beautiful Old Town to look at the famous Art Nouveau architecture of Riga in the “quiet centre” of the city.

Connecting West and East

As a regional hub connecting the West with the East, Latvia offers plentiful of opportunities for setting up business deals and carrying out negotiations. Hotels provide conference halls with all the necessary equipment, including synchronous interpreting.

Stylish hotels

The Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia recommends more than ten hotels as suitable for business travels - “Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija”, “Radisson Blu Ridzene”, “Radisson Blu Daugava”, “Radisson Blu Elizabete”, “Bergs”, “Hotel de Rome”, “Konventa Sēta”, “Islande Hotel”, “Avalon”, “Europe Royal Riga”, “Maritim Park Hotel”, “Europa City Riga”. It is also possible to find good conference premises outside Riga – surrounded by rural tranquility though still being close to the city. Many countryside guest houses provide conference facilities and active recreation as well — after the business meeting is over you can hang the suitcase in a wardrobe, put the document files in a safe and together with your colleagues, employees, supervisors and business partners race down the roller-sled track or go on a horse-ride.

NATO summit too

Our country has successfully managed to host a NATO summit, a meeting of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank, has welcomed the US President, the British Queen, the King of Spain, the Japanese Emperor and other monarchs, the Pope of Rome and many other high guests.

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