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As you arrive in Latvia, you may already continue your trip by driving a car on your own. In the airport Riga there are almost ten car rentals offering their services, and they include such internationally known names as Hertz, Europcar, addCar, Budget, Avis, SIXT etc. Car rentals can be found also in airports of Liepaja and Ventspils. More information about car rentals is available in, e.g., airport of Riga.

The terms and conditions of rentals may require not only the driver’s licence, but also that the client must be at least 21 and he or she shall have driving experience of one or even two years. There may be also more strict exceptions, e.g., the age of at least 25 in the event you are going to rent VW Sharan, for instance.

For your information, in Latvia the approximate prices for fuel are as follows: fuel 95 – approx. 97 santims (~ EUR 1.39), fuel 98 – 1 lat (~ EUR 1.43), and diesel fuel – 97 santims (~ EUR 1.39).

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