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High-quality entertainment and art enjoyment in an excellent, cosy atmosphere - modern cinemas offer such a conception. In today’s fast age, cinema has become so popular that it often replaces even book reading.

Films in Latvian cinemas are mostly shown in the original language and are subtitled (not dubbed) in Latvian and Russian languages. If you know one of the mentioned languages, you can certainly go to the cinema, not worrying about difficulties to perceive the text.

The largest cinemas are situated in Riga; however, if you travel across Vidzeme or Kurzeme, use the opportunity to enjoy the colouring of cosy cinemas in Smiltene, Valmiera and other rural towns.

“Kino Citadele”

“Kino Citadele” is the first and till now the largest multiplex cinema in Latvia, one of the most modern in Eastern Europe. It has 14 halls and 2 balconies (in total 3,016 seats) and is equipped with the world level sound systems (DTS, Dolby Digital) and the most comfortable chairs. If you choose to watch a movie in Hall 1, you will see the biggest screen in the Northern Europe – 24.20 metres wide and 10 metres high.

It is possible to buy a glass of freshly squeezed juice or coca cola, crunchy wafer or a tasty sweet in the multiplex before the film. You should certainly try the sweet and salted popcorn; here it is prepared especially tasty. After the séance spend some time in the cafe “Casa Blanca” or in the bar “Parex Forums”, sipping coffee or wine. You will see Riga from a different point of view through the bar window on the sixth floor.

However, the multiplex mostly boasts of wide-ranging films. You will always meet here not only the productions of the prestigious US film companies, but also movies produced in Europe and Latvia. Thanks to the big number of halls, either lovers of romantic comedies, dramas, thrillers and other genres will find a film to suit their taste.

  • Address: 13 Janvara Street 8, Riga (located close to the Central Railway Station and the International Coach Terminal, beside “Stockmann” supermarket)
  • Home page: www.forumcinemas.lv


The multiplex "Cinamon" (8 halls, in total 1,360 seats) offers not only a diverse film repertoire, but also additional entertainment possibilities and client service.

The newest technologies have been used in the design of screening rooms, which gives the best visual and sound effect quality. Attending “Cinamon”, a person is pleased by one-stop service – you can buy both movie tickets and dainties in one place and take them along into the hall.

The guests from Lithuania or Estonia will surely feel here at home - “Cinamon Group” cinemas work also in Estonia (Tartu, Tallinn) and Lithuania (Kaunas, Klaipeda).

  • Address: Brivibas Gatve 372 (t/p “Alfa” entrance B; 20 minute-ride from the city centre), Riga
  • Home page: www.cinamonkino.lv (in latvian or russian)

Cinema „Splendid Palace” 

The cinema „Splendid Palace” is a 3-hall movie house with a total of 863 seats, its programme is made of qualitative author films, art house films, which have been awarded in prestigious film festivals. The repertoire is regularly supplemented by the programmes of different film festivals, reel festivals and children’s film festivals, the retrospections of the world-famous film classics, „Berlinale” film programme, the Nordic Film Days, the Film Days of Italy, Korea, Norway, Kazakhstan, and Japan.

It is worth visiting the cinema “Splendid Palace” not only because of film delight, but also because of architecture. The house, in which the cinema is situated, is a state-importance architecture monument that surprises with an impressive neo-baroque facade. The inner rooms please with the form variety of neo-rococo style, especially with the unique plafond of the Large Hall.

It is interesting that in October 1929 the first sound film in the Baltics – „Singing Fool” (US, 1928, dir. Lloyd Bacon) was demonstrated in this historical building.

This movie house is special also because it has its own artist whose painted big-size canvas posters are displayed at the entrance of the cinema.

Thinking about people in wheel-chairs, a separate entrance has been made and an elevator has been built in the cinema. A cafe “TINTO vina telpa”, which is available both for the cinema visitors, the city inhabitants and guests, has been working since spring 2010.

Riga Plaza Cinema

The cinema is located in Pardaugava, in „Riga Plaza” mall. It has eight different-capacity halls with a total of 1,524 seats.

The new cinema is equipped with the newest film industry technologies and especially cosy chairs. Besides, two halls are equipped with digital projectors and 3D technologies, which in addition to 3D films will allow broadcasting concerts, operas, sport events, as well as other happenings online.

Film gallery "K. Suns"

The screening room with 181 seats is located in the very centre of Riga, Bergs Bazaar. “K. Suns” works with a motto: stylish cinema for stylish people. Only here you will see films not shown by big cinemas, but having their own spectator circle, as well as films made by genius directors and featured by excellent actors.


The cinema has two halls – the large hall with 54 seats and the small hall with 30 seats. The spectators are pleased not only by the newest films and excellent sound quality, but also by the soft leather chairs and tasting a cocktail or titbits during the séance.


The cinema has a hall with 200 seats, it is equipped with the world level audio system (DTS, Dolby Digital), which allows enjoying films with a qualitative and especially real sound.


The movie house has two halls, in which the most passionate comfort lovers feel cosy. The topical and coloured repertoire of “Balle” will satisfy both the most refined cinema devotees and the most fastidious spectators – children. At last - you will always find here a cosy cafe and the integral parts of the modern cinema culture – popcorn and cola.

"Kino Rio"

The movie house will provide enough seats for 166 spectators, 41 of who can enjoy the film, sitting in the 2nd floor balcony.

"Kino 80" 

The movie room has 74 seats – comfortable, soft chairs, as well as a big, well-illuminated screen. A stationary video projector with a high picture resolution and picture-illumination corresponding to the hall is fit up at the ceiling. Now it allows demonstrating also HD record films from “BluRay” DVDs.  

"Silver Screen"

The first multiplex cinema in Latgale region – six movie rooms with a total of 1,200 seats.

Kino Citadele
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Cinema Citadele

“Cinema Citadele” is the first and till now the largest multiplex cinema in Latvia, one of the most modern in Eastern Europe. It has 14...
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