For Couples

You won’t believe this, but Latvia is the right place for romantic couples on their honeymoon or just for sharing the unforgettable experience of travelling together. A pristine nature, modern infrastructure, hotels and SPAs – and all for a reasonable price. It is safe and comfortable to travel in Latvia. Also for twosomes. There are sights to see and places where to relax.

The two of you can visit Latvia's castles and manors, many of which now include modern and  romantic hotels with even the  opportunity of spending a night in the same apartments once owned by counts and countesses. Or, you can stay at one of the numerous guesthouses or rural tourism accommodations where the owner will fire up a real countryside sauna just for the two of you and will treat you to homemade fruit wine.

Two people just might also want to wend their way to a small Latvian town. Peace and quiet, an unhurried lifestyle and exciting sights – this is what Cēsis, Sigulda, Kuldīga, Sabile, and many others can offer. 

A couple may watch some delightful scenery, listen to the birdsong, and enjoy the beauty of wilderness in one of the many national parks of Latvia. The Gauja National Park is resplendent both in the spring when the River Gauja glacial valley is covered in the white blossom of bird cherry trees, or when the autumn leaves are tinted a vibrant red and yellow. Then climb to the top of the Turaida castle tower, and the landscape opening before you will take your breath away.

Romance and togetherness can just as well be experienced on a boat trip down a scenic river, say, the Gauja, the Salaca, or the Irbe. A bicycle tour and spending the night in tents by the banks of lakes and rivers unspoilt by civilisation is also an excellent option.

You will not regret going to the Baltic Sea coast, be it in Kurzeme or Vidzeme, and a walk along the shore, watching the sunset, or taking a rest on the sandy beaches and the charm of the small fishing villages will bring you countless unforgettable moments. Besides, Jūrmala City near Riga is the most popular resort in the whole Baltics with its well-appointed beaches, numerous hotels and luxurious guesthouses, sanatoriums and SPAs, as well as excellent restaurants and pubs to accommodate everyone's taste and desires.

Be advised to participate  in some of the more extreme activities, say, a visit to an adventure or theme park. Or, to discuss what you have seen in any of the numerous museums. It might also be worth exploring the extraordinary Sex Museum at Džūkste, which will definitely cause even the most modest of your partners to blush in confusion.

Also in Riga, the very heart of Latvia, the largest city in the Baltic states and a major cultural centre, can bring you a memorable romantic experience. This can be a walk through the narrow cobbled streets, the ancient buildings in the Old Town, the Art Nuveau, the timber architecture at Pārdaugava (on the left bank of the Daugava), the skyline of church spires, romantic pubs and street markets. And right beside all of that, there is the River Daugava, with its offering of a boat trip which will take you right around Old Riga along the city canal. Be it winter or summer, autumn or spring.  Each season comes to Latvia with its unique charm and lure!