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For Couples

Latvia is an excellent travel destination for couples who wish to enjoy each other's company, to bring new colour into their relationship and enjoy vibrant new experiences together. 

Here, you can indulge in a variety of healthy spa procedures together, enjoy the holidays with a loved one on nature walks, get to know the glamour of Latvian small towns, as well as surrender to the intoxicating entertainment the capital city has to offer. 

Spa and sauna rituals

A variety of options are available to improve couple's well-being, both in Riga and Jurmala as well as regions throughout Latvia.

Strengthen your own and your partner's health with the ancient ritual magic of the sauna.

Together you can survive an adventure in the ancient black smoke sauna, or enjoy Finnish, Russian or Turkish style sauna procedures.

A romantic weekend trip to one of the spa centres or guesthouses will make your world a bit more colourful. Bring a breath of fresh air to the relationship with the aromas of chocolate and honey massage and the aromatic magic of fresh Latvian herbs and lilac.

Romantic meals

Experience special moments while enjoying a romantic meal in a cosy village pub, aristocratic palace or manor restaurant. In the capital and beyond, adventures in taste are offered by talented chefs, whose menus include Latvian, as well as international delicacies.

Active recreation

You can go boating along one of Latvia’s most scenic rivers - the Gauja, the Amata or the Salaca, or share a great adventure by horseback riding or going on a bike ride along the beach.

Experience unique sensations in the Aerodium wind tunnel, where you can feel as free as a bird for a moment. Lovers of extreme activities will enjoy fierce sensations by jumping from a cable car in Sigulda where you will jump from a height of 43m above the Gauja River.

A weekend in Riga

A boat trip along the River Daugava is an unforgettable journey. Sipping delicious cocktails on the open deck, you can enjoy passing the glamour of Riga Old Town, see the church towers silhouetted against a sunset sky, and listen to the waves splashing against the boat.

Opera and theatre lovers will enjoy an evening together rich in impressions. From September to May, the Latvian National Opera and theatres offer excellent performances with both local artists and foreign guests. Before or after the show, leisurely conversation will flow, sipping a cocktail in one of Riga’s sky bars.

Small town romance

Small towns captivate with their splendour, antiquity, quaint architecture, peace and harmony, as well as offer many unusual sights.

Visit the triving town of Valmiera, historically charming Cēsis and Kuldīga, romantic Kandava or magnificent Sigulda. Walk along the Venta Rapids in the spring, watching the endless jumping of fish, climb the peak of the Talsi hill or drop by the unusual Erotic Museum in Džūkste in the Tukums region!

Walks in nature

Perhaps fresh air and wilderness are all you need! A walk and a picnic in one of Latvia’s national parks or nature trails is an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful time alone together in unspoilt nature. 

In spring, when the Gauja valley is covered in white blooming bird-cherry blossoms, and in fall, when the leaves turn golden and red, the Turaida Castle tower offers a wonderful panorama, which will leave a lasting impression.

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