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Creative quarters

Creative quarters have given some more run-down areas of the city a new lease of life and allowed them to blossom as attractive areas to spend ones free time. Find out what Riga’s creative quarters have to offer!

Miera Street Republic

The Miera Street quarter in Riga is a popular area for so-called "hipsters". On Miera Street, one can visit the Museum of Latvian Chocolate and the former Tobacco Factory, where various art exhibitions, festivals and concerts are now held.

In May, the annual Miera Street Summer Celebration is held one Saturday to kick off the new summer season, and takes place on the whole street. The many cafes, shops and artists located on the street organize various activities on the day, presenting themselves to the thousands of visitors attending the festival.

Kalnciems Quarter

This unique creative quarter, made up of beautifully renovated wooden buildings, is well known for its farmers’ markets selling organic food products, open-air concerts, contemporary art exhibitions, as well as events for families with children.

Spikeri Quarter

Located in a historical warehouse district, the Spikeri Quarter is made up of renovated warehouses and currently houses a contemporary art gallery, a media center, theater and concert hall, where stars of the contemporary academic music scene perform concerts on a regular basis.

During the summer season, open-air cinema screenings are shown, outdoor concerts, as well as the Riga Flea Market is organized, where it is possible to purchase original items which all have their own unique stories.

Bergs Bazaar

The Bergs Bazaar is the first retail quarter in Riga, established at the end of the 19th century.

Shops located at the Bergs Bazaar sell clothing designed by Latvia’s top designers, as well as many of the world’s top fashion brands, exclusive wines as well as freshly-baked and mouth-watering pastries.

Those interested in noncommercial cinema are invited to visit the K.Suns Cinema.

Kalnciems Quarter
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Kalnciems Street Quarter

Kalnciems Street Quarter, with its beautifully-restored wooden buildings, is not only an area pleasing to the eye, but a lively arts and...
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