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Cultural history museums

Latvia can hold its own in terms of culture and art when compared to the world’s largest countries. You  can become convinced of this after visiting museums such as the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, the Rundāle Palace Museum, the Āraiši Archeological Museum Park, the Daugava Museum and others.

One can see interesting collections of applied art at regional studios and art museums in exhibitions of textiles, ceramics, decorative glass, leather, wood, metal and design.

Bauskas NM muzejs
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Bauska Local History And Art Museum

Bauskas novadpētniecības un mākslas muzejs atrodas pilsētas senākās daļas centrā – Rātslaukumā pie dzīvākās satiksmes maģistrāles – Kalna...
Latgales Kultūrvēstures muzeja ēka
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Cultural History Museum of Latgale

The Latgale Culture and History Museum was established in 1959 as a branch of the Ludza Region Research Museum.
Riga Art Nouveau Museum
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Riga Art Nouveau Museum

Riga Art Nouveau Museum is located in an apartment which until 1907 was the dwelling place and studio of the distinguished Latvian...
Baukas pils
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Bauska Castle

Bauska Castle is a typical example of the 15th-17th century military architecture in Latvia. The castle is located in the Town of Bauska,...


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