Cycling in the city

You can visit Riga and other Latvian cities by bicycle. A bicycle is quite suitable for visiting Vecrīga (Old Riga); you can easily ride from one historical building to another. There are places by the Rātslaukums (City Hall Square) where you can lock up your bicycle while you enjoy the House of Blackheads, St. Peter’s Church and other architectural gems.

Couple sightseeing Riga city by bicycles.
  • Bicycle tourists visit Riga
  • Photo: Lauku ceļotājs
Sightseeing Art Nouveau in Riga city by bike.
  • Cyclists at an Art Noveau building
  • Photo: Lauku ceļotājs
Bicycle rental in Jurmala city.
  • Baltic Bike cycles in Majori
  • Photo: Andrejs Terentjevs

The quiet centre of Riga famous for its Art Noveau is not far away from the old city centre. Venturous cyclists can also explore the map and ride to Maskavas forštate (Moscow Suburb) – a unique neighbourhood in the capital with old wooden architecture – or the especially charming Pārdaugava region with its unique buildings.

There are also several bicycle paths in Riga. The bicycle path stretches from Riga centre to Mežaparks, where you can ride through the wooded park and visit the Zoo. There is a new 14 kilometre long bicycle path being built from the centre to Berģi. In Pārdaugava, it is worth visiting the Kalnciema Street district, where the wooden buildings have been renovated over the past years.

The first bicycle path in Riga starts from Vanšu Bridge and leads to the city of Jūrmala. A bicycle is a good means of transport for visiting one of the most favourite recreational locations, which boasts beautiful renovated architectural pearls, as well as newly built villas. You can also travel to Jūrmala by train and rent a bike there – bike rentals are located at the Bulduri and Ķemeri train stations. There is a bicycle path through Jūrmala; the city stretches 32 kilometres along the coastline!

Sigulda, also called the Switzerland of Vidzeme, offers similar opportunities. You can get there by train or bus and rent a bike at such locations as “Rāmkalni”, Reina Track or the shop “Burusports”.

There are two bike rental locations in Talsi. It is worth riding to Sabile, located 25 km from Talsi, which is famous for its Wine Hill, where grapes really do grow. In Sabile you are sure not to pass up seeing the Doll House – tens of dolls made from used clothes are standing in the yard of a house on the main street. They have been made and displayed by an elderly woman who, in doing so, brings joy to herself as well as the residents and guests of Sabile.

On the bank of the Abava River Valley, on the other side of Sabile, is the Pedvāle Open-air Art Museum, established by well-known Latvian sculptor Ojārs Feldbergs and displaying more than 150 works of art in the permanent exposition.

Liepāja is a very suitable city for cyclists. Traffic is not very intense, there are bicycle paths and it is easy to visit both the old city centre and the seaside, or the Karosta (Naval Port) neighbourhood maintained by the USSR army during Soviet rule. The spirit of those times still lingers, though the impressive orthodox church has regained its brilliance and has been given back to its followers. There are places for cyclists to see in every city of Latvia – it is worth asking for more detailed information in tourism information centres.