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Dentistry is one of the most highly demanded services from tourists in Latvia. Our specialists will resolve your problems rapidly and to very high levels of quality.

We have several favourite dentistry facilities that are worth mentioning here:

Our specialists at ARS Medical provide dental treatment, implants and prosthetics, hygiene and aesthetic improvement, and will draw up an individual plan for clients. The services of an orthodontist are also available. High levels of qualification, a great deal of experience, and the use of modern technology all serves to ensure perfect results.

The specialised dentistry facility at the Vanaga Dentistry Clinic carries out various forms of dental manipulation, starting with diagnostics, therapy and surgery, and ending with prosthetics and dental hygiene.

The largest private dentistry clinic in Latvia is Elladent. It provides dentistry services using the newest equipment and methods, including X-ray and digital X-ray diagnostics, a laser blaster, which ensures painless drilling without burring, and the Avantis general narcosis equipment, which monitors the patient’s well-being during surgery, plus many others.

Medicine in Latvia
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