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Both due to their education and expertise, and modern diagnostic equipment, methods and high-level laboratory tests at their disposal, our diagnostic experts rank among the best in Europe.

At the moment Health Centre 4 (Veselības centrs 4) is amongst the largest and most modern healthcare multi-profile clinics in Latvia. VC4 is specialized in performing health examinations (Check-up) by using programs suitable to the age, gender and paying capacity of the patients under guidance of experienced physicians.

The extensive range of MR, computer tomography, digital radiology, premium class ultrasonography and functional and endoscopic diagnostics equipment ensures convincing results. VC4 is particularly specializing in early diagnostics of breast tumour with digital mammography with thomosynthesis option, which is the most modern one in the Baltic States at the moment.

Our experienced specialists supplement the breast ultrasonography with sonoelastography method. Certificate ISO 9001:2008 guarantees the world-class level of the quality of the company’s products and service.

The "Jaunķemeri" resort and rehabilitation centre and the "Jantarnij Bereg" sanatorium perform functional diagnosis and run laboratory tests.

The ARS medical company is one of Latvia's most modern and best-appointed private medical facilities. Its diagnostic centre performs most diverse examinations rapidly and precisely:

  • a 64-section computed tomography for scanning pathologies, diseases and traumas of brain, spinal marrow, bone, lungs, organs of hearing and vision, paranasal sinuses, abdomen, the detection of growths and tumours;
  • magnetic resonance for exams of brain, spinal marrow, blood vessels, abdomen and pelvis, the bone and joint system;
  • scinthygraphy for assessing the condition of kidneys, the thyroid gland, skeleton, lungs, and heart;
  • a four-dimensional USG for obtaining an image of the foetus;
  • endoscopy for tracing changes in gastric and intestinal mucous membrane, obtaining tissue samples for morphological tests, performing urease test, etc.

The "Premium medical" private clinic – the patient-friendly medical facility for 2009 – offers to diagnose heart functions, electronecephalography for assessing brain functions, duplex scanning of head and neck blood vessels by colour-coded dopplerography, examination of hearing and breathing functions, etc.

The "Gastro" centre for digestive system problems is the largest gastrology centre in Latvia and provides a full and comprehensive scope of diagnostic and therapeutic measures; colonoscopy and other endoscopic procedures are performed under anaesthesia.

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