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Vacations for families

Latvia offers plenty of activities not only for grown-ups but for entire families with children as well, who are most welcome to come here for a family holiday.

Calling on fairy-tale creatures

Latvia has an abundance of nature trails suitable for walking with children. For example, in the nature park Laumas of the Talsi region where the bees’, birds’ and other trails combine walking with learning while offering a round of mini-golf afterwards.

Tērvete nature park with its Fairy-Tale Forest, a playground and the Forest of Gnomes promises an exciting experience. In the family-friendly Ventspils the little ones can play in the Children’s Town and ride a mini-wagon through the Open-air Seaside Museum together with their parents.

A similarly welcoming place for families is the Gnome Village “Lediņi” in Vērgale in the region of Liepāja. Its guests receive a warm welcome from the Gnome Grandma; there are adventure tracks suspended on ropes between the trees, and the Gnomes’ Workshop is open for everyone.   

Adventures and active recreation

Families who prefer active leisure can go to Līvu aquapark or try to pass the hurdle tracks of the adventure park “Mežakaķis” in Sigulda or in Mežaparks in Riga. In winter too families with children will be occupied as many ski slopes are entertaining for both grown-ups and children. The adventure park in Ventspils organises cross-country races.

The sight-seeing tours of Art Nouveau architecture alone can be tiresome for children. Luckily, Riga can deliver more than that: every day at 13 o’clock the Riga Zoo (Zooloģisko dārzu) invites to observe the feeding of lemurs while the Riga Circus located in the city centre stages gripping performances. Another possibility is to steer out of Riga, say, to visit the recreation complex Rakši in the vicinity of Cēsis where children will see an entire herd of camels and lamas.


A children playground can be found in every decent roadside inn whereas in Riga children can be taken to the leisure complex “Lido”. While parents are still enjoying their meal children can take part in a variety of amusement activities. Those in favour of more peaceful leisure can relax at the seaside — Latvia has a long coastline of white-sand beaches which are extremely rare to find anywhere else in the world. In Ventspils the beach goes nicely together with various playground facilities for children.

For your comfort

Almost all cafes and restaurants include in their menus foods especially favoured by children. During major sports and cultural events as well as in shopping malls parents can leave their offsprings in children play-rooms under the supervision of professional caretakers. When travelling with small children make sure beforehand that the chosen cafe or restaurant has a baby-chair. Not all public toilets have baby change facilities, although they can surely be found in the airport and in the central station.

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