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For families with children

In Latvia, families can have a great time together, exploring nature and history, visiting an amusement park or spending time on a waterfront, at creative workshops or on snow-covered skiing slopes. Enjoy your time together on well-planned trips!

Educating nature parks and a real amusement ship

In Tervete Nature Park, you can see wooden sculptures inspired by characters from Latvian author Anna Brigadere’ plays and fairytales and take a trip on the Fairytale Train.


On the educating trails in Lauma Nature Park in Kurzeme, you can learn more about bees, birds, plants and life in the woods.


In Vienkocu Park, sculptures of animals and various fairytale characters are exhibited alongside models of manor houses and various other buildings which have been made using historical sources.

The park also features the first sandbag house in Latvia!


At the Munchhausen Museum, adult visitors will learn about the unbelievable adventures of Baron von Munchhausen, while kids will be entertained on the largest amusement ship in the Baltic states. Fun guaranteed!


Entertainment and recreation opportunities in Latvian cities

In a family friendly city, parenting is made easier by a developed and safe urban environment providing various leisure activities for smaller and bigger children, as well as their parents. Here are some of them:



  • Your whole family can take an undisturbed walk, go on picnics on a lakeside, have fun in a playground, roller-skate or cycle in Mezaparks, one of Riga’s greenest neighborhoods.
  • Agility, endurance and family members’ support will be useful when tackling the challenging obstacle course in the trees at Mezakakis adventure park;
  • See over 400 various species of birds and animals at the Riga National Zoological Garden;
  • At the Latvian Open-Air Ethnographic Museum you can learn about the lives of Latvians centuries ago and their crafts.
  • On Saturdays, families with children can engage in various activities at the Kalnciems Quarter – while parents shop at the quarter’s weekly fairs, kids can express their artistic talents at creative workshops. Concerts and theatrical shows for children take place at the Kalnciems Quarter on a regular basis.


With its developed environment and convenient infrastructure, Ventspils can safely claim the title of Latvia’s family-friendliest city.


  • The smallest travelers will surely love a trip to the Children’s Town, Fantazija (Fantasy) children’s park or the playground by the sea!
  • Inquisitive minds are welcome at the Planetarium which offers a unique stellar show and educational films;
  • In summer, don’t miss the opportunity to bask on the Blue Flag beach or take a dip in one of the pools of the Ventspils Waterpark. Engage in winter sports on Lemberga Hute ski hill!
  • Hop on the narrow gauge train which runs inside the Seaside Park!



  • Children and their parents alike will find entertainment opportunities at Tarzans Adventure Park exciting;
  • Adventure Park Mezakakis also boasts a separate obstacles course for children and some tougher challenges for adults.
  • 42 meters above the old valley of the River Gauja– take a deep breath and cross the valley in the legendary Sigulda cable car!

Water parks


  • Livu Waterpark in Jurmala is one of the largest water amusement parks in Northern Europe. It is open to children and their parents all year long;
  • Ventspils Water Adventure Park is open to visitors all year round and the Beach Waterpark next to the Blue Flag Beach is open in summer.

Leisure activities in winter

As soon as the coldest and whitest season of the year arrives, ski slopes are open to families across Latvia.


  • Snow Park in the capital city offers a wide range of leisure opportunities and equipment for rent;
  • Lemberga Hute, an artificial ski slope, is situated in the outskirts of Ventspils. A separate slope is available for children;
  • Professional skiers, snowboarding aficionados and family members only starting to learn winter sports will find a suitable slope at Zagarkalns, the largest skiing center in the Baltics;
  • Reinatrase, just an hour’s drive from Riga, is one of Latvia’s most popular skiing centers.
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