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Fish Ponds

If you have no desire to head to places where catching fish requires special skills and luck, but rather somewhere where fish are guaranteed, the best places to enjoy catching fish by angling are commercial fish ponds.

Latvia has a large supply and variety of fish ponds where one can fish for a fee. There are ponds that offer a high level of service, and there are those where the comforts available to the anglers are somewhat less luxurious. Carp and trout ponds are the most numerous in Latvia, but there are also ones where it is possible to come by a more exotic catch: sturgeon, catfish, grass carp or eels.

Where to do it is up to you, but we can offer you some tips to get you going. For example, the popular Latvian fishing magazine, Copes lietas, has compiled the most interesting angling sites in Latvia and we will bring some of them to your attention.

For example, in Kurzeme, near the picturesque town of Kuldīga, the Cepļi ponds are popular. Here, you will not go home without a beautiful rainbow trout. Meanwhile, near Lake Durbe you can find the Vītoli ponds, where anglers can hope for trout, perch, pike, carp and even sturgeon. Over near Engure, anglers head to the Rideļi mill pond where there are excellent places to catch tench, while in Zemgale, not far from the village of Valle, the recreational complex Makšķernieku paradīze (Anglers’ Paradise), favoured by carp anglers, is located. The Vitkopi reservoir near Jaunjelgava, which was created to allow for comfortable angling by the leadership of Soviet Latvia, is now the place to catch impressive catfish and pikeperch.

On your way towards Sigulda, there is the Bajāri pond in Vangaži which lets you catch carp, trout, tench, sturgeon, catfish, crucian carp, grass carp and eels; moreover, the site also has a grill and a smokehouse, where the catch can be immediately prepared.

You will enjoy good angling in the pond of the Tome fish farm near Ķegums; nearby, you will also find the Līčupe pond facility, good for catching substantial carp. You will also have a good time fishing at Laimiņi in the Jumprava parish or the Kučuri mill over by Madona.

There are a number of ponds in the region around Cēsis such as the Milmēni pond and the Spāriņi hill pond; the recreational centre Sillakas is also popular, once enjoyed by the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin. Meža salas in the Limbaži parish is a substantial fishing facility featuring a number of ponds, a guest house, holiday houses and other amenities.

In Latgale, many carp ponds are situated near Lake Lubāns such as the Kvapāni and Nagļi ponds, while in Greater Riga, just a few kilometres from the city itself, the Alberta pond facility has become popular with anglers. Here, tench, perch, crucian carp and trout can be caught, and anglers can take a break in recreational huts or a sauna. And right around the corner from here, near Salaspils, you can even find a number of fish ponds: Šag and Jaunrūtiņas.

Additional information regarding fish ponds can be obtained by contacting the nearest tourist information centre.

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