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Weather seasons in Latvia

Due to the climatic position, Latvia has four typical seasons – summer, autumn, winter, and spring. That makes four different Latvias: each of the seasons is original with its own beauty, natural variety and each of them offers different leisure and entertainment opportunities.


Winter usually is snowy in Latvia. You can fully enjoy every winter fun – ice fishing, cross-country skiing, skating, and alpine skiing. You can race on skis downhill the Latvian slopes, or go to a pleasant walk through woods and fields covered with the snow, for example, up-hill and down dale of the Vidzeme heights.


Spring of Latvia comes often with a thorough flood; the Latvian rivers go out of their banks.

It is a great joy for water tourists, who hurry to the swifter Latvian rivers (e.g., Amata) to boat through the effervescent rapids.

For nature friends, we recommend to go for a hike – enjoying the awakening of nature, listening wood-notes, admiring the aroma of flowers, or just wondering about the flooded meadows and flood-lands. When the bird-cherries blossom, you definitely should go to Sigulda, where the picturesque valley of the Gauja River and Gauja National Park are white and fragrant, covered with bird-cherry blossoms.


The Latvian summer lasts from June to September. They are sunny, sometimes the temperature reaches + 35 degrees (Celsius). Then, due to the 500 kilometres long coastline of the Baltic Sea belonging to Latvia, everyone hurries to enjoy the rest near the sea. Wide and sandy beaches, comfortable guest houses, modern resorts or nooks unspoiled by civilization – everything is available near the coastline.

Summer is perfect time to go to exciting seaside cities like Liepaja and Ventspils, to enjoy the sea at Jūrkalne, or the wind and waves, when driving on the surfboard or kiteboard at Pavilosta or Kolka, to watch the sunset from wild northern beaches, to discover the charm of fishing villages and fresh-smoked bounty of the sea, to visit the modern and the largest resort in the Baltic – Jurmala – near the Riga, or just to lounge in the sun on the beaches of Vecaki, Saulkrasti or in Vidzeme seaside. You can refresh yourself from the sun not only near the sea, but also elsewhere in Latvia, which is rich with lakes and rivers. Almost every guest house near a lake or a river offers to enjoy the fishing, or active recreation – such as riding the water motorcycles and water skis.

Summer is a great time to see quite, but architecturally and culturally rich towns, such as Kuldiga, Sabile, Talsi, Tukums, Cesis, Valmiera, Ilukste, Kraslava, Ludza, Limbazhi, Aluksne, Ape, and others. Summer is also the time for public holidays and festivals held in Latvia. On almost each weekend, a town festival takes place in one or another city or town of Latvia, the Latvian coastal ports and fishing villages peal popular festivals of fishermen in early July, there are also several large-scale music festivals, such as "Positivus" at Salacgriva.


Autumn of Latvia is especially gorgeous. The leaves of trees are coloured pink and yellow, the large forests entertain your eyes with its coloured variety, but migratory birds flock together as they need to hurry to warmer places. It is a great pleasure for bird watchers then, because the flocks of migratory birds are flying over Latvia. The berry-pickers and mushroom-pickers go to forests to gather the bounty of the nature.

Automn is also hunting season in Latvia. Hunters can seek after a valuable trophy, while Turaida becomes the destination of nature lovers – people with their families make their way to the Gauja National Park. The view from the castle tower of Turaida with the Gauja valley is like gold-painted; it is one of the most beautiful wanders that can be experienced in Latvia! Autumn is also the perfect time, when you can explore the natural diversity in one of the Latvian natural preserves and country parks, for example, to learn the exciting ecosystem Teicu marsh or Tirelu marsh. One thing may be enjoyed during all these seasons: the modern and the ancient, the cultural and architectural monuments – it is the rich city of Riga alluring by its many museums and art galleries, restaurants and pubs.

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