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For gourmets

Anyone who considers himself a true foodie can choose to enjoy a lovingly prepared meal at a restaurant, go on a culinary excursion, or visit the farmers’ or ‘green’ markets to stock up on delicious healthy food.

Tasty, Healthy Meals

Many restaurants frequently change their menus to include seasonal fruit, vegetables, fish, berries and mushrooms. A number of them support the Slow Food movement and use only fresh, local farm produce, so meals are not only healthy but also offer an excellent bouquet of tastes. At some places, the staff will even be able to tell you from which farm the produce originated and when it was harvested.

Try Tasters and Cook Your Own Meal

Culinary destinations encourage gourmet visitors to become involved in the making of their own healthy meal.

Several places in Latvia offer visitors the opportunity to learn from artisans and bake a loaf of traditional rye bread together with them, as well as to buy homemade goods on the spot.

A number of guest houses and fish farms allow visitors to catch their own lunch. You’ll also be able to appreciate excursions to breweries and wineries, sweet factories, and farms, where you can learn about the provenance of cheeses, herbal teas, honey, berries, chicory coffee, and hempseed butter, and have the chance of tasting all of the produce.


In winter, markets are overcome with the tempting smell of freshly baked gingerbread, warm pies and smoked meats. In summer, you can try and buy lots of different cheeses, including ones with dried fruit, dill, garlic and marmalade, or you can snack on fresh berries, and treat yourself to freshly squeezed juices. Autumn arrives with the new harvest - vegetables fresh from the fields, along with fruit, fresh jam, and meat.

Berga Bazārs and Kalnciema Quarter pay host to regular markets in Riga, and the vibrant Central Market is open daily.

Farmers’ markets outside Riga are also popular amongst foodies. Straupe Farmer’s Market has made a name for itself, as have the ‘green’ markets and fairs in Ieriķi and other places in Latvia.

To fully enjoy the taste of Latvia, a true foodie will try all of the above. Enjoy!

Latvijas ogu vīna degustācija
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