Holiday Destinations

Latvian nature is green and pristine, in contrast with the small-town charm and architectural luxuriousness of the larger cities. Through many centuries, Latvia has accumulated a multicultural heritage and traditions as well as a rich history. The untouched and the primordial mingle with the modern and the dynamic. That is why Latvia is a tremendous holiday destination. In this section you will find recommendations for holiday destinations in Latvia.

  • Church towers in Riga
  • Photo: Vita Balckare
  • Zvārte Rock in Vidzeme
  • Old Riga at night
  • A beach in Liepāja
  • Venta waterfall in Kuldīga
  • The oldest wooden building in Kuldīga
  • Lunch in Jūrmala
  • Sunset at Zebrus Lake
  • Photo: A. Slokenbergs
  • Fountain in Daugavpils
  • Bog trail in Latgale
  • Photo: Lauku ceļotājs
  • Stameriena castle
  • White Dune in Saulkarsti

In the section on Riga, you can familiarise yourself with the Latvian capital. Riga is an outstanding holiday destination. It is an architectural gem featuring unique art nouveau, the 800-year-old Old Town, the Zoo and other sites. 

The TOP 10 section allows you to view specially selected destinations. Among them are unique natural objects in Latvia, such as the Gauja National Park where you can visit an ancient German crusader castle in Turaida, the longest Latvian river - the Gauja, cliff-lined banks, the technology of happiness brought by Aerodium, or Rundāle palace which is the largest palace in the region after St. Petersburg. The TOP 10 features other sites that are worth seeing such as the historic centre of Kuldīga , the sandy beaches of Jūrmala, architectural treasures and other destinations.

Kurzeme is the historical cultural region of Latvia in the western part of the country. Kurzeme takes special pride in its forests, the steep shores of the Baltic and an impressive military heritage, including the Irbene radar and the Liepāja Military Port (Karosta). The small towns of Kurzeme are charming in their uniqueness.

Zemgale is the historical cultural region in central Latvia. Zemgale is Latvia’s bread basket, which is why you can find opulent palaces, such as Rundāle or Jelgava, here.

Vidzeme is the historical cultural region in Latvia’s north-east. In Vidzeme there lie such ancient towns as Sigulda and Cēsis, as well as Gaiziņš, the point of the highest elevation in Latvia and an excellent site for winter sports

Latgale, in turn, is a historical cultural region in the south-east of Latvia. Sometimes it is dubbed as the “land of blue lakes” because of their abundance in the region. It is a unique place, with its Old Believer churches, Catholic festivals in Aglona and outstanding ceramic artefacts

These are just some of thousands of holiday destinations. Pick one for yourself!