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Holiday ideas

Get inspiration for a trip across Latvia that will be full of impressions, right now! Pristine wilderness, or the exciting rhythm of a big city, serenity and the calm flow of time countryside, enticing entertainment options, and/or sightseeing. Choose whatever suits you!

Ķemeru nacionālais parks
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For families with children

In Latvia, families can have a great time together, exploring nature and history, visiting an amusement park or spending time on a...
Weekend in Riga
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Weekend in Riga

Riga is one of the largest cities on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It stands not only at a geographical, but also cultural, cross-roads....
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Winter sports

Even though Latvia is not a land of mountains, skiing is a popular wintertime activity. Latvia’s terrain is generally suitable for cross-...
Aldaris beer museum and brewery
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The museums of Latvia invite you to see, learn, and experience. If you are interested in history, then visit Karosta Prison, the Corner...
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