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Horse Riding

The untouched nature of Latvia offers a great diversity of horse riding activities.

Usually you will find exciting activities for the entire family along with horse riding stables.  While grown-ups enjoy adventurous rides on a horseback, children are often entertained by accompanied shorter rides on a pony or calm horse. Horse riding is available in all reagions of Latvia – all you need to do is to enquire with your accomodation hosts and they will recommend the nearest farm that offers activities on horseback or rides with carts or sleighs in winter.

For instance choose AdventureRide stables if you are looking for wild multyday paths close to nature. They offer multiday rides in all regions of Latvia but their stables are located in a close reach - only 10 kilometres from Riga. Rides for romantics and “extremists” alike are offered by Zirgzandales, a farm in Mārupe, only 14 kilometers from Old Riga. On the outskirts of Riga, there is also the farm Tīraines staļļi which offers outings in horse-drawn carts and sleighs. However, this venture is oriented more towards professional sports and competition organising. Equestrian sports in Latvia are co-ordinated by the Latvian Equestrian Federation which organises national, regional and international competitions.

Latvia has an active Purebred Horse Breeders Association, Latvian Horse Breeders Society and horse farms. When visiting the Tērvete Nature Park in Zemgale, make sure you leave enough time to call at the stud farm of the agricultural firm Tērvete!

Meanwhile, if you have decided to visit Sigulda to take in some of the landscapes afforded by the ancient river valley of the Gauja and the Turaida Museum Reserve, it may be worth visiting the Turaida stables: on the back of an even-tempered horse with a knowledgeable instructor on standby, this ride will be an unforgettable experience. The stables of Bīriņi Castle may provide similar sensations. But if you are heading towards Latgale, drop in at the Klajumi horse farm in the Kaplava parish! Klajumi offers a special, seven-day trek on horseback. More information on horses in Latvia: www.petnet.lv/horses; horse riding and tours:

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