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Infertility treatment

The moment at which a baby becomes part of your family is one of the most beautiful moments available. Yet many couples need medical help to have a child. Latvian clinics, which specialise in infertility treatment, offer the most modern methods. Our professionals are experienced in treatments of various degrees of difficulty, starting with providing an accurate diagnosis, because infertility is very frequently accompanied by other gynaecological, urological or oncological diseases, and ending with the child’s birth, and they provide professional care and support during this entire special period.

Infertility is classified as a disease if a woman is unable to become pregnant within a period of twelve months. Professionals break down this disease factor into male and female infertility factors with a ratio of 50:50. The World Health Organisation has defined 22 medical causes of female infertility and sixteen causes of male infertility, as well as combined forms of infertility which can be diagnosed when both partners are examined.

In Latvia, it is possible to receive the following services; in vitro fertilisation, surgery for males to treat infertility, services involving egg donor programmes, donor embryos and sperm banks. 

Plastic surgery can help men to resolve various infertility and potency problems. In this way it is possible to remove inborn genital developmental disorders or pathological deformations that can be caused by diseases, to correct shape and size, to implant artificial organs, to restore both blood circulation and other functions by means of microsurgery, to sterilise or to otherwise treat erectile dysfunction and infertility.

The EVG Clinic, which is one of the leading treatment companies in Latvia, specialises in reproductive health matters and infertility treatment. The clinic uses state-of-the-art fertilisation techniques (IUI, IVF, ICSI) for couples, and TESA to resolve infertility problems in males. The clinic has the largest sperm bank in the country, offering sperm freezing and storage for an unlimited period of time, and donor sperm is also available.

The clinic can provide all types of gynaecological help, as well as STD diagnostics and treatment, while certified psychologists, psychotherapists and sexual health specialists also offer their services. Birth specialists monitor pregnant women and deliver babies in the best Latvian clinics. Other infertility and embryo fertilisation problems can also be treated.

Medicine in Latvia
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