Jūrmala, with its sandy beaches, pine forests, SPAs, and health and wellness facilities is the most popular resort in Latvia and the largest in the Baltic. Jūrmala was nominated an EDEN destination for 2010.

Jūrmala, located but within a 20 minutes drive from Riga, is popular due to its mild maritime climate, when the sea softens the winter chill and cools you off in the summer heat.  The main attraction of Jūrmala is its sandy beaches stretching for more than 32 km.

The beaches of Majori and Jaunķemeri have received The Blue Flag eco-label proving the best quality of water, infrastructure and safety in the beach area. It is a perfect place not only for swimming, but also for playing Frisbee, for Nordic walking, kite surfing and windsurfing, waterbiking and jetskiing, as well as for a leisurely basking in the sun.

Jūrmala is not only a beach, as here you can boost your health with local curative mud and mineral water. This explains why Jūrmala has thrived as a resort for over a century: the town accommodates experienced high standard SPAs, health facilities and sanatoriums.

It is worth making note of Jūrmala's wooden architecture developed during the early 20th century. Taking a walk in order to view the pearls of architecture is bound to be a special experience, given the numerous Jūrmala pines which create a special aura. 

Jūrmala is also a good place for enjoying pristine nature: the Ķemeri National park is a bird watchers' paradise. You can also go an interactive walk on nature trails and visit the Open-air Museum to try out various techniques of rope stranding and other age old handcrafts.

For its part, "Līvu akvaparks", one of the largest water parks in the Baltic, will be an excellent family leisure venue.