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Latvia. A green country with sandy seashore beaches, vast forests and unspoilt nature. With a serene rhythm of life in the countryside, with modern cities, unassertive but hospitable people, a safe environment...

Tourists coming both from Western Europe and the Eastern countries feel comfortable in Latvia and find things that are of interest to them. Latvia, like other European countries, can offer a vast culture historical heritage; however, it is unique – the one and only and inimitable. Careful observations and unhurried recreation will allow you to notice things that will make your heart beat faster in delight.

The people of Latvia are hospitable and cheerful; friendly and open towards visitors, and able to get on with anyone, as throughout the centuries they have gained a vast culture heritage.

Latvian people treat the cultures of other people (Slavic, Western, and Scandinavian) with understanding. Latvia, being a European Union state, is a safe country.

At the same time Latvia is a contemporary European country, and its capital city Riga – a modern metropolis, in which historical architecture, unique in Europe, alternates with the modern; one can feel the breeze of a centuries-old history and relax in modern night clubs, restaurants and comfortable hotels.

It is also worth visiting Latvia because of its unspoilt nature (where else in Europe one can find 500 km long sandy beaches and 45% of the territory covered by natural forests, offering various recreational possibilities in nature; moreover, freely accessible to everybody!), and also because of the diversity of historical, culture and architectural sites.

Latvia is also notable for the possibility to relax undisturbed by anyone – Latvia is not known for overcrowded places of recreation. The reason behind this is that there are enough tourist sites, and plenty of space for everybody! For example, if you want to spend your time on an empty beach, you can go down to the Baltic Sea coast, but if you want to be among people, then you should go to one of the longest sandy beaches in Europe – Jūrmala.

Latvia is a very interesting place for lovers of military tourism. World War I and II, as well as the army of the Soviet Union, have left notable military monuments here. For example, the military port in Liepāja used to be one of the main naval bases on the Baltic Sea during both the period of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Likewise, one of the largest radio telescopes in Europe, once used for military intelligence purposes, as well as other impressive military sites are found in Latvia.

Latvia has a well-developed transport system, convenient communications (the Internet connection is one of the fastest in the world), ATMs are found in all large cities and credit cards are accepted. Latvia also stands out with its high quality, European level services for acceptable prices.

Latvia is made unique by its two different worlds – the European metropolis Riga and the rest of Latvia – a rural environment with unspoilt nature, tranquil towns and a green environment. Therefore, an observant traveller visiting Latvia will find excellent opportunities for recreation!

In order to get to know it all better and to spend unforgettable, excellent holiday, this portal offers in-depth information about Latvia. For example, on history, on the Latvian population, climate, sites to see and travel routes, useful and necessary travel information.

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