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Latvia surprises travellers with its diversity. It may be tranquil, ancient and quiet, or energetic, modern and boisterous. Whether you are travelling alone, or with family and friends – Latvian diversity will reveal a new and interesting experience for everyone.

For families with children

In various areas, Latvian fairytale paths tempt visitors with traditional characters – frolicking forest witches, fairytale trains run and dwarves host; meet Pinocchio, Winnie-the-Pooh, and the Three Little Pigs; pet the famous lake monster Nessie and meet other familiar characters. You will be able to see Latvian forest dwellers on the nature trails in Līgatne and in the zoos.

An adventure-rich family vacation will be created by going to a water park or by trying to overcome obstacles together in one of the adventure parks in Sigulda, Mežaparks, or other places in Latvia.

For couples

Couples can watch fiery sunsets on sandy beaches, go for a boat ride on the Latvian rivers and lakes, experience the rose-scented lure of the Rundāle palace gardens, share a relaxing sauna, enjoy dinner in one of Latvia’s many castles and manor houses or the rooftop terrace restaurants in the heart of Old Town, and take a stroll through the romantic small towns. All of these offer couples real pleasure, shared unforgettable memories and a desire to come back here again and again.

For seniors

Latvia’s beautiful and harmonious nature, rich cultural life, and magnificent architecture combine to recharge both the body and soul. Bracing walks along the beach or on nature trails allow visitors to admire the charm of Latvia’s wilderness.

During the theatrical and performing arts season, one can enjoy visits to the ballet or Latvian National Opera. Grand museums offer works by Latvian old masters, as well as contemporary exhibitions.

For young people

Young people will find travelling easy in Latvia – there is well-developed public transportation at affordable prices, convenient bicycle paths, and bicycle rental facilities. A wide range of hostels can provide suitable accommodations. In Latvia, healthy and delicious meals will not cost much more than those offered by international fast food chains.

Many young people attend the various festivals, such as the Positivus Festival and Summer Sound, find adventure in nature or enjoy Latvian nightclubs.

LGBT travellers

LGBT travellers to Latvia will appreciate the cultural and shopping opportunities. In just one day in Riga, you can visit galleries, the opera, buy local designer goods and enjoy a great meal in a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere. In the evenings, a visit to a cocktail bar or club is always enjoyable. Riga has several LGBT-friendly establishments.

People with special needs

Latvia ensures that people with disabilities can get to where they need to go and enjoy the cultural life our country has to offer.

Major galleries, museums, recreation centres, and hotels provide convenient access for visitors in wheelchairs. There are also hotels with specially adapted rooms for the handicapped. Riga’s public transportation is often fitted with low floors.

Individuals with visual impairments should keep in mind that not every street crossing signal will have a sound, the same with sidewalks with specially built relief lanes, which are available only in some areas. Therefore, when going for a walk, taking a companion along is advisable.

Business travellers

Sites of international significance are easily located from the international airport and harbour, making Latvia an attractive place for organizing high-level conferences and concluding business transactions.

There are many modern conference and banquet halls available with fast internet access, as well as high-end hotels and leisure facilities in Riga and surrounding regions.

Vacations for families
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Vacations for families

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Holidays for young people

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For Seniors

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Nightlife in Riga
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Nightlife in Riga

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Creative quarters

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For Couples
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For Couples

Latvia is an excellent travel destination for couples who wish to enjoy each other's company, to bring new colour into their relationship...
Weekend in Riga
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Weekend in Riga

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