Licensed Angling

Latvia has more than 5,000 lakes, many of them private, as well as lakes and rivers where licensed angling is possible. You may fish in them after purchasing a licence at a charge.

  • Cieceres ezers
  • Makšķernieks
  • Photo: Dainis Bruģis
  • Makšķernieki
  • Upe
  • Photo: Lauku ceļotājs

What does licensed angling mean? By purchasing a licence, you receive permission to fish at a specific location and for specific types of fish. The licences are not expensive - they are usually a couple of lats. The funds obtained from the sale of licences are mainly used to restore the fish stock and to protect the environment: using these funds, inspectors are hired who are charged with preventing illegal fishing. You should also remember that even after buying a licence you still require an angler’s card in order to fish!

Sites for licensed angling include, for example, lakes Aģes, Alūksnes, Sīvers, Drīdzis, Ežezers, Burtnieku, as well as the River Daugava behind the Ķegums hydroelectric power station, lakes Kaņieris, Lielauces, the River Lielupe, lakes Liepājas, Limbažu Lielezers, Lobes, the Mērsrags canal, the Pakuļi reservoir, lakes Puduļu and Puzes, Lake Rāznas, a number of sections of the River Salaca, lakes Saukas, Šķaunes, Sventes, the Tērvete reservoir, lakes Usmas, Vaidavas, the River Venta, Lake Viešura, the Zaņa reservoir, Lake Zebrus and other bodies of water. However, you can find out more about fishing possibilities and licence sales for a specific body of water by speaking to the local government authority or the Tourist Information Centre.

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