For medical clients

Latvia is an excellent place for recuperation. It has a well-established tradition of health resorts, highly qualified doctors and is rich in natural healing resources. The recently founded alliance “Baltic Care” where a number of excellent Latvian doctors are involved specialises in providing medical services to foreigners. Their prices and the range of offers will be a pleasant surprise.

Health resorts in Jūrmala

Jūrmala is a health resort with more than 150 years’ old history. Already at the end of the 18th century treatments included hydrogen sulphide spring waters as well as turf and sapropel mud, which the vicinity of Ķemeri is particularly rich in. Latvian sanatoriums and SPA hotels combine the best past practices with contemporary medicine. Natural healing methods are becoming increasingly important in health recovery.

The mild Latvian climate is of particular benefit to heart patients. Walking on a sandy beach and listening to the gentle whispers of sea waves can restore psychological balance, relieve from urban stress and allow for undisturbed meditation. The pine-forest air rich in phytoncides is good for lungs whereas health procedures available in the numerous sanatoriums, SPA hotels and saunas can meet other needs as well.   

Highly professional treatment is available at the rehabilitation centres “Amber Coast”, “Jaunķemeri”, “Vaivari” , the resort hotel “Baltic Beach hotel” and many others.

Latvian resorts are known for successful treatments of coronary heart diseases, central- and peripheral nervous system diseases, musculoskeletal and digestive disorders, urogenital and gynecological diseases, metabolic distortions, skin diseases and childhood illnesses.


Latvian resorts are a feasible investment even for healthy people – experienced medical specialists will select appropriate treatment on individual basis. Anti-stress cures, immunity boosts, beauty enhancement procedures, juice diets, weight-loss programs or Ayurvedic treatments under professional medical guidance will turn you into a more beautiful, happy and strong self. Latvia also has an array of high-standard SPA facilities which are available in Riga, in Jūrmala hotels and in luxurious manors.

Sea therapy

Thalassotherapy, or marine therapy, is available in Jūrmala and along the entire sea coast of Latvia. Sea baths can be invigorating, and so is the coastal climate and sea products. The greater disparity between the water and body temperatures, the stronger is the healing effect - the so-called “seal-swimmers” bathing in the sea all year round are the living proof of it. One should begin with short bathing rounds in summer though. Nowadays thalassotherapy incorporates a wide range of natural sea products, including cosmetics, as well as modern technologies.   

High-quality cosmetic surgery and dentistry

Medical tourists choose Latvia for their plastic surgeries. Latvia has no shortage of highly professional cosmetic surgeons who provide high-quality services at affordable prices - no wonder some patients come from as far as America.

Likewise, Latvia has become a lucrative destination for tourists looking for proper dental care at moderate prices.

Alternative medicine

To experience the soul-soothing calm of the countryside seek out environmental health farms. Tea, sauna, rural eco-food, peace and nature have a healing effect. Many of the farmers are certified healers or reiki practitioners, others are medical specialists or psychologists, many of whom have turned their passion for healing practices and healthy living into professional occupation.