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Medical tourism

Latvia is one of the greenest European countries along the Baltic Sea coastline. Every year thousands of people from Scandinavia, Russia, and Western Europe come to Latvia to regain their health and beauty. A moderate climate, highly qualified professionals, and the availability of modern technology ensures successful treatment and recovery.

The high quality of medical services is characterised by a personal, committed, hospitable and benevolent attitude, as well as a customised approach to each patient. Diagnostic and treatment equipment in Latvian medical health care facilities meets the standards of the European Union - significant funds have been invested in ensuring that Latvia has the best of modern technology.

High-quality medical care services are ensured by several significant factors which includes the professionalism of the medical staff - Latvian medical staff receive a competitive medical education, which is based on stable traditions.

Knowledge and practice are regularly improved through training and internship in foreign countries, and participation in international experience exchanges. Our professionals freely speak several foreign languages.

Latvia offers a range of high quality medical services for a price that is very beneficial, being between two to ten times lower than in some Western European countries. A favourable geographical position allows Latvia to be reached conveniently, whether by plane, ferry, train or coach. Visitors have a wide range of hotels to chose between, including cosy hotels in Old Riga, and recreation centres in the resort of Jūrmala. Diverse Latvian cultural life and a highly interesting historical heritage provides additional options in your leisure and recreation time.

In Latvia, foreign tourists can receive medical services in the following areas:

laser surgery
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Eye care

If you have problems with your eyesight then find a spare day in your schedule so that you can come to Riga! The ophthalmologists that you...
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Health diagnostics

Thanks to education and experience, modern equipment and progressive methods, the qualifications of our diagnostic specialists meet the...
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The most appropriate and probably the most effective treatment of alcohol abuse can be achieved. This can be carried out when you are away...
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
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Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the most popular medical tourism services in Latvia due to its high levels of quality and its low prices.


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