Multi-day cycling routes

Fans of active recreation enjoy going on multi-day bicycle rides to travel around Latvia. Biking gives you a better opportunity to enjoy the magic Latvia has to offer through its nature, scenery, culture and its people.

Cycling with bags in Latvian countryside.
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Cycing with friends to Jurmala city.
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There are many multi-day bicycle routes to choose from. One particularly ideal route runs along the Latvian seaside – it's 496 kilometres in length and stretches from the town of Nida near the Lithuanian border to the town of Ainaži near Estonia, or vice-versa. This route gives bicyclists the opportunity to see Liepāja, Ventspils, Jūrmala and other beautiful cities.

Kurzeme is home to interesting fishermen villages, where a must-try is the smoked fish. If you're cycling along the Kurzeme coast in western Latvia, head to Cape Kolka — our country's northernmost point and where the waters of the Baltic Sea meet the Gulf of Riga. During the years of Soviet occupation, the coastal area and others in Kurzeme were under strict border guard surveillance to ensure no one tried to escape to Sweden by boat.

Inland Latvia is also easily enjoyable by bicycle; beautiful nature scenes and interesting places are within easy reach. There is a bicycle path in the “Daugavas loki” Nature Park that runs 35 kilometres from Krāslava to Naujene. This is an easy ride that can be done in half a day, but there's no reason to rush and every reason to take your time to enjoy the lovely Daugava River Valley. Latvia's best-known river curves through this area in eight different places. Other things you can see along the way include the unique Slutišķu old-believers village, which has existed since at least 1785.

Beautiful facades, fancy window and door trimming are characteristic of the wooden houses of the old-believers. The Scenic Adamovas Trail offers mysterious glens and there is a castle mound that rises up above the bank of the Daugava River. The steep drops reveal over 300 million year old, Devonian era limestone and white clay. And the gorgeous panorama of Krāslava and the Daugava River Valley are not to be missed.

Travelling to Sigulda from Riga is easy to do by train or bus, but cycling enthusiasts will, of course, rather choose to travel the 50 odd kilometres on their own accord and along the Vidzeme highway. This trip is also easily planned base on one's own desires and abilities. This area offers the Turaida Castle and the Gauja River Valley and locations for a delicious meal before heading back to Riga; or you can continue your journey in the direction of the Estonian border.

Not far from Sigulda is Līgatne and a nature park, where you can see some of Latvia's wildlife and also see a former bomb shelter, which in the event of a nuclear war would have served as a shelter for Soviet Latvia's ruling elite. Today, the shelter functions as a museum. From here the road leads Cēsis, which has spectacular medieval castle ruins, and then off farther in the direction of Valmiera.

Anyone can take a map of Latvia and map out their own route, whether it be via highway or back roads. Bicycling tourists arriving in Latvia are recommended to use a mountain bike our tourism bike, as the country's bicycle route network is still only developing; travelling with a city bike will be difficult, especially along rural dirt roads. For your safety, make sure to wear a helmet and reflective vest. You can find helpful and informative “Lauku ceļotāja” (“Countryside Tourist”) bicycle route maps at tourism information centres.