Oncology – cancer virotherapy

The experience in researching and treating oncological diseases in Latvia has been gathered for more than 70 years, ensuring excellent quality of education for specialists in the particular field. Due to the qualification, as well as modern equipment, methods, and high-level examinations, Latvia's oncology specialists are among the best ones in Europe.

Latvia offers a unique method of oncological diseases treatment – virotherapy with the medicine RIGVIR.

RIGVIR – for now the only preparation containing a live natural virus with oncotropic and oncolytic qualities or the ability to find and destroy malignant cells. It has passed all phases of clinical trials and has been registered in Latvia (reg. Nr. 04-0229), available in Latvia's pharmacies.

Virotherapy with RIGVIR is notable for comparatively high therapeutical efficacy, insignificant side-effects, the ability to activate the immune system of the organism, and moderate costs of treatment. It is possible to combine virotherapy with other treatment methods. Especially remarkable is the ability of RIGVIR to treat melanoma which belongs to one of the most aggressive cancer types. 

The studies on the usage of viruses in treating malignant tumours are intensively taking place all over the world. Already now it may be stated that scientists increasingly prefer virotherapy as one of the main cancer therapies. Due to the excellent scientific achievement – RIGVIR, Latvia has become the world leader in the field of virotherapy.

Virotherapy is available in all Latvia's state and private medical institutions which deal with the treatment of oncological diseases. Latvian scientists and doctors have established Latvian Virotherapy Center which specializesin the practical application of virotherapy and education of doctors in cooperation with Latvian Virotherapy Association.

More information on:www.viroterapija.lv/latvian_virotherapy_center_en