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Open-air museums

The basis of open-air museums is formed by wooden buildings constructed on the territory of the historic regions of Latvia, remains of wooden building complexes discovered during archaeological digs and an interaction of art history and Latvian nature (Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum in Riga, the Pedvāle Open-Air Art Museum).

At the Āraiši Archaeological Museum Park, visitors can get to know the lifestyle of the ancient dwellers of Latvia and building traditions in the age of the Vikings. The vast grounds of the Turaida Museum Reserve are rich in archaeological, architectural, historical and artistic monuments that tell the story of events spanning a thousand years, from the eleventh century onwards.

At the Ventspils Seaside Open-Air Museum, visitors can board the miniature train following a narrow-gauge track just like a century ago, view giant anchors and climb up an old windmill.

Craftswoman sewing Latvian ornaments.
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Latvian Open-Air Ethnographic Museum in Riga

Leisurely walks, skiing in winter, putting yourself in the lives of ancient Latvian farmers and fishermen, discovering the bathhouses used...
Piejūras brīvdabas muzejs Ventspilī
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The Maritime Open-Air Museum in Ventspils

The Maritime Open-Air Museum gives an insight into the daily life of the inhabitants of Kurzeme seashore. Visitors can familiarise...
Andrupenes lauku sēta
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Andrupene Farmstead

The museum is a complex of buildings constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, consisting of six buildings – the dwelling house,...
Dzirnavas Vēveros
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Vēveri Branch of the Latvian Open-Air Ethnographic Museum

Muzejā apskatāma senlatviešu lauku sēta un nesen atjaunotās Vēveru dzirnavas. Te ir tautas celtniecības paraugs raksturīgajā ainavā....
Latvijas Etnogrāfiskā brīvdabas muzeja zvejnieku sēta "Vītolnieki"
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Vītolnieki Fisherman’s Farmstead at the Latvian Open-Air Ethnographic Museum

Typical traditional fisherman’s farmstead of a coastal village in Pape. An age-old dwelling house with reed roof, secured with so-called...
Jūrmalas brīvdabas muzejs
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Jurmala Open Air Museum

A 19th century fisherman’s farmstead has been created in the museum with old, characteristic buildings – the dwelling house, the cart-...
Turaidas pils no gaisa balona
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Turaida Museum Reserve

Turaida Museum Reserve is a cultural landmark with special protection status. The Museum Reserve contains a medieval castle, a church, a...
Āraišu ezerpils
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Āraiši Archaeological Museum Park

Āraiši Museum Park is a cultural historical monument situated in the Cēsis region. It consists of reconstructed buildings from the Stone...
Pedvāles Brīvdabas mākslas muzejs
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Pedvale Open – Air Museum

Pedvāle Open-Air Art Museum covers 200 ha on the scenic banks of the Abava River valley. In 1992, sculptor Ojārs Arvīds Feldbergs...
Ausekļu dzirnavas
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Open Air Museum Ausekļi Mill

The Ausekļi Mill Museum gives an opportunity to watch, and to try out one skill in diverse farm-work.
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