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Over the sea

Latviaas a maritime country has been known for its seamen and sailing sports for a long time. Tourists have the opportunity to get to know our country also by using a yacht and having a tour in Daugava, Lielupe, the Gulf of Riga and Baltic Sea. A yacht can be rented for LVL 30 per hour on average for a group of 10-12 persons, and there are also options for LVL 25 in the working days evenings for 4 persons. You can have a little, but unforgettable trip by yacht from Mersrags to the Estonian isles near to Latvia, Saaremaa and Ruhnu. You can get more information about yacht rental in the Latvian yacht harbours in Riga (Andrejsala and Yacht Club of Riga), Jurmala (Yacht Harbour of Lielupe), Liepaja, Pavilsota, Ventspils, Roja, Mersrags, Skulte, Salacgriva, Ainazi, etc.

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