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People with special needs

Since the EU accession Latvia has been trying to improve environmental accessibility for people with special needs. Three- to five-star hotels in particular have been adapted accordingly, providing easy entrance and unrestricted mobility in a wheel-chair. Some hotels have specifically adjusted rooms for disabled persons.

To be on the safe side, everything should be clarified prior to choosing the hotel – usually such information is provided on hotel websites and reservation forms. Riga’s new buildings are tested accordingly by “Apeirons” - “an organisation of people with disabilities and their friends” – and the winner is granted “The Golden Crutch” award.

The following objects have been approved by “Apeirons” as suitable for people with special needs: hotels “Hotel de Rome”, “Elefant Hotel”, “Konventa sēta”, “Radi un draugi” and others, Riga International Airport, the Passenger Port, the National Opera, the restaurants “Kaļķu vārti”, “Melngalvju nams”, “Rolands”, the recreation centre “Lido”, the National Museum of Art and several shopping centres.

Blind persons must bear in mind however that not all traffic-lights are equipped with sound signals. As to Riga’s public transport, people in wheelchairs are encouraged to ride buses. At the bus-stop push the button located outside the bus by the door; the driver will pull down a platform for easier entrance into the bus where you can occupy a place specifically allotted for wheelchairs.

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