By plane

Air traffic is an exceptionally convenient way of reaching Latvia. Riga airport is the fastest growing airport in Europe; it offers direct flights to more than 80 cities of the world.

Latviahas an extensive air traffic network with European states and cities, as well as Asian cities. The main destinations are: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Dublin, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Hamburg, Kiev, London, Manchester, Moscow, Milan, Munich, Minsk, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rome, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tampere, Tashkent, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw, Geneva.

The flight to Riga from European cities will not take too long, since Latvia is not far away. For example, the flight from Berlin will take an hour and a half, the flight from London to Riga lasts less than three hours, from Barcelona – 3 hours and 15 minutes, one can reach Riga from Rome in three hours, from Paris - in 2 hours and 40 minutes, the flight from Stockholm takes only an hour, but from Amsterdam – 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Air traffic also connects Latvia with Russia and the CIS countries. There are flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Pskov, Archangelsk, Almay, Tashkent, Dushanbe and also to Kiev, Minsk, Odessa, Simferopol, Baku, Erevan and Tbilisi. For your information – the flight from Moscow to Riga lasts only one hour and 40 minutes.

Riga airport is developing fast, it serves several million passengers annually, but the Latvian national airline “airBaltic” in May 2010 was awarded the prize of the international aviation edition “anna.aero” for being the largest European state airline as to the number of new destinations, because in the summer season of 2010 the number of flights offered by “airBaltic” has increased by 27 flights.

Rigaairport is able to accept all types of aircraft and provide intercontinental flights, because in October 2008 the international airport “Riga” completed reconstruction works on its runway and lighting system, extending it by 650 metres and reaching the length of 3,200 metres. It is worth noting that the international designation of Riga airport is RIX.

Riga airport is not far from the centre of Riga and the popular resort town Jūrmala. The distance to the centre of Riga is 13 km, but to Jūrmala – approximately 20 km. It is possible to get from the airport to the centre of Riga by taking a taxi (journey time 15-20 minutes; approximate price - 10 lats) or by bus No. 22. The bus ticket costs 0.50 lats and the travel time is approximately 30 minutes, the buses leave every 10 -30 minutes, carrying luggage is free of charge. It is also possible to reach Riga airport by several international coaches.

More information about flights to Riga and Riga airport: www.riga-airport.com or www.airbaltic.lv