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Plastic and Reconstructive surgery

The trend of the last decades in world medicine and beauty treatment is the fact that also men have begun to take care of their health and beauty.

Its founder and managing director Janis Gilis is the only representative of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in the Baltic States and together with highly qualified colleagues performs both smaller and larger plastic surgeries of the face, breast, genitals etc., using the most modern implants, cosmetic and other methods.

The clinic also offers women specific manipulations: breast lift and correction of the shape, augmentation, reduction etc. There is a special offer for new mothers – correcting and improving procedures of breast and stomach.

Patients of both genders are in demand of procedures that help feeling more comfortable and improve well-being after accidents, treatments or reaching a certain age:facial procedures (correction of eyelids, ear shape, nose, face and neck lifts, laser lipolise of the adipose tissue), body contouring surgery (calf correction, buttock augmentation, abdominoplasty), scar revision, genital plastic surgery. The business card of the clinic is the most modern equipment, the high qualification of the medical personnel and excellent surgery results.

Dr.Zarzeckis’ Private Practice, founded and managed by one of the leading plastic surgeons in Latvia Janis Zarzeckis, a surgeon with 26 years of experience in plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery, is a private clinic, where everything subordinated to the well-being of the patient and maximally good result:the most modern medical equipment, excellent medical personnel and quality of services (which often exceed the accustomed standards of hospitality).

If you wish to change, reconstruct or improve your looks - correct the facial expressions, the shape of breasts or other organs, this is a place to do that with the highest quality and discretion. The Private Hospital Adazi lead by Dr.Zarzeckis and Dr.Kruminsbesides breast and facial surgeries women are also offered lip corrections and cosmetic procedures – scar revision and removal of moles. The facial surgeries offered by Dr.Feldmanis’ Private Clinic also include the correction of upper and lower eyelids, nose and ears as well as face lift.It also offers breast surgeries, abdominoplasty, liposuction and scar revision.To ensure the best possible result and rehabilitation, the clinic also offers Med SPA services.


Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery is a discipline of plastic surgery helping to renew the looks or functions of a body after traumas, accidents, hereditary defects or age related problems.  There are several clinics in Latvia specialized in providing this service to foreign patients.

The Centre of Plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgery” is one of the clinics that offer services of reconstructive surgery in Latvia. As this is the only clinic in Latvia, where it is possible to reattach amputated parts of the body after an accident, the clinic is open 24-hours a day. The staff of doctors has gained their knowledge and experience not only in Latvia but also by having in-service training in clinics in the USA, Singapore, Norway, Germany, Austria and elsewhere.

Considering the specifics of reconstructive surgery, its main instrument is a microscope, as most of the surgeries, even those not involving sewing of microscopic structures (for instance, blood-vessels), are performed under optic magnification. The clinic is equipped with modern technologies. The clinic treats peripheral nerve lesions, osteomyelitis, skin lesions, scars and burns, defects of soft tissue and non-healing wounds, reconstructs breasts and performs various hand surgery manipulations – replantation of fingers, hand and their parts, surgery of congenital hand deformities and other services.

The Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine of Medical Doctor Edward Yurshevich offers plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive surgery and liposculpture (lipomodelling) based on LIPEX authoring techniques, services of laser dermatosurgery, laser dermatocosmetology, gender surgery and surgical treatment of adiposity.

Various scar correction methods are used both by Dr.Janis Gilis’and Dr.Feldmanis’ private clinics and Dr.Zarzeckis’ Private Practice.

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