For a long time, Latvia has been widely known for the places you can strengthen your health. They include not only in the pearl of the Gulf of Riga - Jurmala, - but also the city of Liepaja and some other places. Today, the majority of Latvian sanatoriums and SPA centres are found their home at Jurmala, where everyone can find the most appropriate course of healing according to his or her wishes and the financial situation.

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Jurmala is the oldest Latvian health resort, known since the end of the 18th century, when people began wide use of the springs of hydrogen sulphide water, and peat and sapropel mud in folk-medicine. The part of the city of Jurmala called Kemeri has the richest with these natural resources. For that reason, Tsar Nicholas I granted a plot of land for the first swimming centre in 1838.

The other parts of Jurmala – Dubulti, Majori and Dzintari – developed as climatic and balneological seaside resorts. Dr. Johans Christian Nordstrom built the first sanatorium "Marienbad” in the dunes in 1870. He started to use the elements of climate therapy for treatment – he prescribed jogging along the beach, physical activities in fresh air, and baths in sea water. These methods became very popular along with the fashion of swimming. It was a very inviting attraction for the aristocratic society of the Russian Empire and the European aristocracies – to go for swimming in Jurmala. It led to the development of medical and bathing centres; some of these have survived till this very day.

Today, the wealth of the Jurmala is its natural resources, the ionized sea water and the pine forest air enriched with phytoncides, quartz sand on the beach, its mineral waters (hydrogen sulfide, bromine, and sodium chloride), medicinal peat and sapropel mud. Due to the natural conditions and local natural curative resources, Jurmala can be proud of two types of resorts developed within its territory – balneological and climatic seaside resorts. Therefore it offers a wide range of high-quality treatment, rehabilitation and SPA services, including physiotherapy, physical therapy, water aerobics, massage, aeroclimatotherapy, thalassotherapy, salt rooms, medical gymnastics in hall or on the beach, diet feeding and other kinds of treatment designed individually for each visitor under the supervision of professionals.

Recently, SPA procedures and anti-stress courses have become extremely popular; both of them remove tension and improve the capacity for work. You should pay attention to the Amber Sea Hotel & SPA in Dzintari, Amber Spa Boutique Hotel in Bulduri, Baltic Beach Hotel in Majori, Hotel Jurmala Spa in Majori, TB Palace Hotel & Spa and other hotels in Jurmala, as well as the resort's rehabilitation centres of Jaunkemeri and Belorusija. More on Jurmala and its resorts: www.jurmala.lv.

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