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The environment, along with the healing power that it offers, plus a range of rehabilitation methods and services, and also the qualification and experience of the medical staff are significant factors when it comes to choosing a place for rehabilitation after a undergoing serious treatment, or after having experienced physical and emotional traumas. Visitors who use medical tourism services truly appreciate the rehabilitation opportunities that are provided by Latvia, and therefore the number of medical tourists visiting the country is growing year-on-year.

The majority of patients who stay at the Jaunķemeri Resort Rehabilitation Centre (which is located 35km from Riga in the direction of Kurzeme) are foreigners from the former Soviet Union countries, Germany, and other EU countries. In this climate and balneotherapy rehabilitation centre, modern diagnostic and treatment methods are combined with the use of natural methods (hydrogen sulphide, bromine mineral water, therapeutic mud, etc.) for the treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases, and problems with the nervous, locomotor, and urogenital systems, and with gynaecological, skin and other diseases.

The advantage of the Jantarnij Bereg Sanatorium, which is located within the Ķemeri Nature Park, is its historical heritage. In the Soviet period this was a sealed health care facility that was intended exclusively for the use of the public authorities. Today the sanatorium still offers the highest level of service and uses modern treatment methods and equipment, as well as local natural resources.

The Baltezers Health Centre is located not far from Riga in the direction of Vidzeme. It offers rehabilitation programmes for adults and children. If you or your family members have problems with backaches or joint diseases or require rehabilitation after having suffered trauma or undergoing surgery, or from orthopaedic, pulmonary, cardiac or vascular diseases, osteoporosis, allergies, chronic venous insufficiency, etc, then this is where you will feel the benefit with as little as a few days.

The Neuroses Clinic in Jūrmala, Dzintari, offers one an atmosphere of peace and silence which emanates from the nearby forests and the sea, and helps those who are in crisis to regain peace of mind, their fighting spirit, and their drive to recover by offering diverse psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and psychological inpatient and outpatient help.

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