Restaurants in Riga

Any trip would only be half successful, unless the chance to have a delicious meal. Food and dining is definitely one of the pleasures in life. Therefore, while in Riga, we invite you to treat yourself in fancy restaurants and cafes, as well as enjoy the eco-restaurants and cuisines of various nationalities that Riga has plenty of.

Traditional Latvian restaurant Lido in Riga.
  • Lido
Saldais ēdiens ar ogām, Le Dome restorāns
  • Le Dome restorāns
  • Photo: Live Riga
Elitar Japanese restaurant Sumo in Riga.
  • Sumo
Modern European restaurant Seasons in Riga center.
  • Seasons

Riga can certainly boast with both high-class restaurants and various national cuisines – Latvian, Russian, Jewish, Central Asian, Caucasian etc.Each of them is unique and offers a palate characteristic to itself only.

For instance, if you want to learn about the contemporary Latvian cuisine, restaurant “Kalku varti” or "Restaurant Bergs” will be at great service in that.Exquisite meals are also offered by restaurants “Otto Schwarz”, “Neiburgs” and other.But if you are looking for the pearls of the world gourmand classic based on Slow Food ideas, go to restaurant "Vincents".“Skonto Fish Restaurant” offers an excellent choice of seafood.  Those interested in tasting authentic medieval dishes will enjoy medieval restaurant “Rozengrals”.It is situated in the oldest wine cellar of Riga Town Council, first mentioned already in 1239.If you are longing after an informal atmosphere, go to "Gallery Istaba".  Restaurant “Maja” in Kalnciema Street Quarter in Pardaugava offers dishes from locally grown products. 

Keep in mind the name “Lido” of the folk style restaurant chain - it is the perfect place to verify that Latvians love good food and have adopted both the German stuffed pancakes "Komm Morgen Wider!", Caucasian shashlik and Russian cold soup with beets and kefir.

Slavic food, including blini with sour cream, red caviar and a shot of ice-cold vodka and even stuffed sturgeon or pike, is on the menu of many restaurants.The most popular Slavic dishes can be enjoyed in restaurant “Traktieris”. 

Riga and Jurmala is a good place to get acquainted with the traditional food of Transcaucasia and Central Asia – Armenian, Georgian and Uzbek restaurants serve authentic food, as their kitchens are usually managed by experts in the gastronomy of their native country.Just like in other metropolis of the world, lovers of sushi, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Indian and other cuisines will also find the most suitable restaurant and bar to their choice in the capital of Latvia.