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Restaurants in Riga

A meal in one of Riga’s restaurants will be a surprise to every gourmet's taste buds due to its high quality contrasted with prices comparably lower than in other European capitals.

Latvian Cuisine

Latvian cuisine comes heartily recommended. Riga’s restaurants serve both traditional foods such as barley porridge with ham and Siļķe kažokā (or herring-beet salad), and contemporary Latvian dishes like venison tartare or sea-buckthorn ice cream.

Many restaurants incorporate fresh, local ingredients and feature seasonal menus. During the summer season, fresh forest berries are abundant and wild mushrooms and autumnal vegetables grace tables in autumn. The winter months feature traditional grey peas and sauerkraut, and crisp potato pancakes served with lingonberry jam.

Spring dishes consist of sorrel soup, healthy birch sap, and sweet and sour rhubarb tarts.

International Cuisine

Riga also boasts its fair share of international restaurants: pasta and pizza restaurants typical of Italy, Scandinavian restaurants, as well as German, French and many others. Especially popular are Japanese sushi restaurants and Ayurvedic cuisine, as well as Central Asian restaurants that serve dishes like Georgian khinkali, Armenian shish kebab and Uzbek pilaf.

Restaurant Locations

The majority of restaurants can be found in Riga Old Town, in the quiet centre and the surrounding areas. Some restaurants overlook the River Daugava, adding a natural touch to the ambiance. The view of the Old Town skyline is near and at the same time detached from the bustle of the city when dining at Kipsala restaurants or on one of the roof-top terrace restaurants. In the summer, a number of restaurants set up grills on their terraces which waft scents of grilled seasonal vegetables, barbecue and the catch of the day.

Slightly outside the city centre, you can enjoy a relaxed ambience at the restaurants set in Pārdaugava’s charming wooden buildings. There are also a number of affordable neighbourhood restaurants in Mežaparks, Teika, Berģi and other residential areas of Riga. Bon appetit!

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