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Sea Fishing

Latvia boasts a coastline that extends for 500 kilometres, so why not take advantage of it by angling or heading on an offshore fishing trip? Expert anglers have been known to get excellent catches both by fishing from the shore and from a boat. Also, quite a few coastal fishermen offer the chance to accompany them on a fishing trip.

Angling in Latvia is becoming more popular every year. Flounder fishing from the shore or harbour jetties is especially sought-after: this way, flounder can be fished all year long using shrimp, squid, herring or other bait. Meanwhile, in late May it is possible to take a boat out onto the open sea where, a couple of hundred metres from the shore, garfish bite excellently. Sea bass fishing from a boat in the Gulf of Riga is also popular: sometimes it is possible to catch specimens that are over a kilo in weight!

Some guesthouses and fishermen on the Kurzeme coast – especially around Liepāja – offer the possibility to participate in a special type of cod fishing, pilkering. This type of angling is an interesting pastime, especially in the recent years when the cod population in the Baltic Sea has recovered.

There are also fishermen who invite guests along on fishing trips: to help with putting out and retrieving the nets and to watch fishermen catch flounder, cod, herring and even salmon is a truly exciting experience. Afterwards, you can observe how the freshly caught fish are prepared for cooking. Freshly smoked fish are a special delicacy!

Opportunities of this sort are offered by many coastal guesthouses, but the best way to find out about sea fishing and angling is by enquiring at the regional Tourism Information Centres and ports: this is where you will find people in the know, who will be able to advise you on the best places to savour the joys of fishing.