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For Seniors

Seniors will appreciate the things that can restore energy to the body and soul - Latvia’s cultural offering, fresh air, a clean environment and healthy food, as well excellent medical services at affordable prices. 

Culture and art

A visit to the Latvian National Opera is a real pleasure for the soul. During the season, you can enjoy opera and ballet performances by both local artists and foreign guests. At the end of the summer, the Sigulda Opera Festival takes place, whose main event is an original outdoor production.

Latvian museums host a wide range of exhibitions of paintings, glass ware, decorative wood arts, porcelain, textiles, and metalwork.

Both works of the old masters and masterpieces of contemporary artists can be viewed free of charge at art galleries. The Old Town of Riga is home the largest number of galleries, but many others can be found throughout Latvia.

To learn about ancient Latvian traditions, culture and lifestyles, visit the outdoor museums, or venture to one of the small towns in summer when they play host to their annual fairs. Latvia also has several history museums that tell the story of Latvian experiences during the turn of the century – the Latvian Occupation Museum, War Museum, the 1991 Barricades Museum and others.


A trip to Latvia is incomplete without delicious and healthy meals. Many of Latvia’s restaurants and cafes have a preference towards local produce. Traditional cuisine features such offerings as grey peas with bacon, cold kefir and beet soup, stuffed pastries, and sauerkraut. More contemporary cuisine makes use of the likes of wild mushrooms and berries, organic goat cheese, birch sap and rhubarb.

Visiting a farmstead provides a true gourmet adventure where you can not only learn the secrets of Latvian recipes and prepare them yourself, but also buy fresh produce to take home with you.


At the Kurzeme seaside you can enjoy the wild winds of the open sea, while in Vidzeme, on the Salacgrīva shore, you can gaze at the boulders in the sea.

For lovers of longer walks, there are many nature trails throughout Latvia where you can gaze at the unspoilt nature, listen to rare bird songs, and catch glimpses of wild animals. Pokaiņi forest is an unusual place to visit. An ancient sacred place between huge rock piles creates a mysterious and otherworldly atmosphere.

Relax and find peace near the water in some of the many guesthouses situated near Latvia’s lakes, ponds and rivers where you may find boating and fishing trips are offered.


Latvia is a great place to strengthen health – with its mild climate, land rich in natural therapeutic resources and the availability of highly skilled medical professionals and modern technology. Medical services are significantly cheaper here than in many other parts of Europe.

Visitors can enjoy spa procedures that make the most of Latvia’s natural resources like hydrogen-sulphide baths, healing mud soaks, and mineral water treatments, as well as advanced medical check-ups and surgery.

Journey through Latvia – even if you do not try our many health treatments you will still find a better sense of well-being. Walking barefoot on the soft, warm sea sand during the warmer months of the year relaxes and massages the feet, while the pine forests and sea air have their own beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

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