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Steam-bath for beauty and liveliness

A steam-bath is not only for enjoyment and pleasure. It is also good for the beauty and health of the body and spirit.

The physiological impact of a steam-bath on a human body is no secret - the hot air stimulates sweating. This in its turn stimulates the output of the end products of metabolism and other toxins from the organism. Thus a steam-bath has served as a body cleansing procedure for centuries – the hot air of the steam-bath, the temperature contrast between flapping and the following bathing, as well as the effect of the aromatic substances rejuvenates and improves the functions of the organism and stimulates well-being.

The main process in a steam-bath is heating and flapping. But it can also be combined with beauty treatment.Considering the fact that the heating and fast cooling enlarges and reduces skin pores, the skin gains tonus. In between the steam-baths you can rub your body with honey, which stimulates cleansing of the skin. A steam-bath increases resistance of the body against viruses and bacterial infections and has a therapeutic effect on dermatosis. A steam-bath improves the process of metabolism and the functioning of the nervous system. In general a steam-bath has a positive impact on the physiology and well-being.

A correct steam-bath improves physical well-being, sleep and appetite. And curiously enough, the emotional tension is also considerably relieved.

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