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Team-building provides the opportunity for you to outrun your boss in the hurdle race or to match your wits against your boss with the help of quizzes. Team-building usually allows for the possibility of spending time together with your colleagues relaxing outdoors thus helping strengthen the esprit de corps of your work team. Latvia has a vast array of offerings in this field.

Team-building is designed as both adventure and relaxation so as to help groups of employees develop the ability to achieve common goals in teamwork under non-traditional circumstances and situations. The team-building event may last for several hours or it can turn into a 24-hour survival marathon.

Esprit de corps can be strengthened in every guesthouse, recreation or sports centre where creative people with the know-how can organize memorable group games or exciting sports events no matter how large your company is.

For instance, not so far from Sigulda, the centre Rāmkalni offers a "Team Building Academy". There is an obstacle course through the woods consisting of log string, floating bridge over the swamp, and the taking of a huge descent with a pulley, crawling through a 150 m long underground labyrinth, climbing an 8 metre high wall. Working as a team and giving precise commands can be learned by solving the giant puzzle, which can only be viewed from a 14 metre high pole upon which one of the team members is pulled up by the rest of the team using the alpine equipment. On a rainy day team-building games can be played indoors and even with the help of paper and pencil thus developing thinking, as well as team-building in seminars and lecture situations.

Several places in Latvia also offer team-building activities, for instance, the active recreation centre Eži (The Hedgehogs) near Valmiera offers different hiking routes; equipment rental is also possible. Ozolkalns (The Oakhill) near Cēsis offers various team-building games in a route called Bravo Zero Two, which is organized in a more military style.

A quite unusual team-building course is offered by by Maģiskā māksla (The Magical Art) where the team builds a sand sculpture together. More detailed information on team-building activities and the organization of company sport events in Latvia can be obtained at regional Tourist Information Centres (TIC).

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