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Thematic museums

Unusual adventures can be found in Latvia in museums such as the Münchhausen, Milk, Sun museum and the Liepāja Karosta prison museum. The largest collection of motor vehicles in the Baltic States can be viewed at the Riga Motor Museum. The newest museum in Latvia is the Riga Art Nouveau Museum, located on Alberta iela, a street where every single building was built in the art nouveau style.

The newest museum in Latvia is the Riga Art Nouveau Museum, located on Alberta iela, a street where every single building was built in the art nouveau style.

We recommend the Aviation Museum, located on the grounds of the Riga airport and exhibiting the largest range of Soviet aviation equipment outside of the CIS.

Only people over the age of majority can enter the sex museum in Džūkste, housed in a bathhouse that is set up in a former parish barn.

All the furniture there is naughty, including door handles.

The Museum of the History of Medicine lets you explore ancient healing techniques as well as cutting-edge medical discoveries of the modern day and space medicine, in the researching of which Latvian scientists have also participated.

Rojas Jūras zvejniecības muzejs
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Roja marine fisheries museum

Roja is an old fishing village. Seafaring traditions are alive here, but Roja can also offer a lot more for travellers and holiday makers...
Etnogrāfiskā māja "Zvanītāji"
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Zvanītāji Ethnographic House

"Zvanītāji" is a house in Rucava, which was built at the end of the 19th century and has been ethnographically furnished, which now...
Pastariņa muzejs
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Museum "Pastariņš"

A museum for children and people who like to play with and try out toys and games, or making bread and butter, and doing other country...
Daugavas Muzejs
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Daugava Museum

An interesting visit to a museum can be united with a picnic on Dole Island by visiting the Daugava Museum, at the gateway to the Riga HPP...
Saulkrastu velosipēdu muzejs
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Saulkrasti Bicycle Museum

Saulkrasti Bicycle Museum is the only collection of old bicycles in Latvia. The home of bicycles! The development of the collection started...
Ainažu jūrskolas muzejs
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The Museum of Ainaži Naval School

The museum is situated near the Estonian border in the former harbour town Ainaži. The most valuable collections are maps of Ainaži,...
Jakobīnes istaba
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Munchausen museum

On the ground floor of the museum, you can see Munchausen's Hall of Fame - wax figures of many former and current celebrities have found...
Latvijas Naivās mākslas muzejs
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Latvian Museum of Naïve Art

The idea of a Latvian Museum of Naive Art was born in 2000, when the culture and art project NOASS received a collection of Arnolds...
Vides instalācijas atklāšana
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S.Eisenstein’s Communication Centre in Ķeipene

This is the only public exposition dedicated to the grand filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein. It is also the whereabouts of a lighthouse with...
Aglonas maizes muzejs
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Aglona Bread Museum

An invitation to a discussion about bread, the process of baking bread; tasting fresh bread, herb teas, an opportunity to purchase the...
Leļļu galerija Preiļos
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Preiļi Museum of Dolls

The Museum of Dolls was founded by the Preiļi artist and museum owner Jeļena Mihailova, who within a year’s time has managed to create 150...
Līvānu stikla muzejs
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Līvāni Glass Museum

An opportunity to see the samples of all products manufactured in the Līvāni Glass Factory during its years of operation. Līvāni Glass...
Zemnieku sētas un mašīnu muzejs - atpūtas komplekss "Miķelis"
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Museum of peasant farm and machinery

To maintain the evidence to the next generations on typical Zemgale peasant farm, the collective farm "Uzvara" in 1975 started to arrange...
Motosporta muzejs Ozolniekos
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Motor sports Museum in Ozolnieki

Motor sports Museum of Ozolnieki district – exposition opened on May 19th, 2007.Exposition consists of the collection of the well-known...
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