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TOP 10 Destinations

This section shows the top 10 travel destinations in Latvia.

Among these destinations you will find unique natural objects, big-city opulence, as well as small-town intimacy and charm. These ten destinations are a good starting point for getting to know Latvia.

Rundāles pils
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Rundale Palace and Museum

The Rundale Palace is set amidst the fertile Zemgale Plains in the south of Latvia. Most of the interior decorations were created between...
Old riga
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Old Town Riga

Old Town Riga is a popular entertainment district in the historical and geographical center of the Latvian capital, featuring cobble-stone...
Aglona Basilica
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Aglona Basilica

Aglona Basilica is the major Roman Catholic shrine of Latvia. Pilgrims flock to Aglona on August 15 each year to celebrate the Assumption...
A view on the Gauja River
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Gauja National Park

The Gauja National Park is the largest and oldest of the national parks in Latvia, characterized by great biological diversity, variety of...
Turaidas pils no gaisa balona
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Turaida Museum Reserve

Turaida Museum Reserve is a cultural landmark with special protection status. The Museum Reserve contains a medieval castle, a church, a...
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