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Tourist information centres

To assist with a tourists’ stay in Latvia, there are several special tourism services. In almost any city or town there is a tourism information centre (TIC). For information, please, call the information telephone line 1188.

You will find more information about the services of the information telephone line 1188 here. 

In Rīga, the capital city of Latvia, there are several tourist information centres (TICs). In the very heart of Old Rīga, in Melngalvju House on the Rātslaukums [the Historic City Hall Square], there is the Rīga Tourism Information Centre (tel.: 67037906). There is information available about tourism and leisure opportunities in Rīga and Latvia, events, sites and places to stay and there are maps, guidebooks, brochures, Rīga history and architecture books, souvenirs, postcards, DVDs and films about Rīga and Latvia for sale.

Such centres also operate in other places in Latvia. For example in Jūrmala, a popular beach town where the tourism information centre is located at 5 Lienes Street. In Sigulda, the Gauja National Park (rich in natural treasures and nature objects) the tourist information centre is located at 3 Raiņa Street. In Ventspils – 6 Dārzu Street. In Cēsis – 9 Pils Square. In Daugavpils – the home of the world famous artist Mark Rothko – 22a Rīgas Street.    

Tourist information centres are present not only in large cities, but also in smaller towns and locations, for example in the furthest north-west point in Latvia – Kolka – known for beautiful seaside nature and a lighthouse; a tourism centre is in “Zītari” (tel.: +371 63200140). Useful information for the traveller is provided by the Country Tourism Association “Lauku ceļotājs” which has an office at 40 Kalnciema Street, Rīga (tel.: +371 67617600).

Information about hotels and restaurants is available on the web page of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia. In turn, information about tourism agents in Latvia is available from the Association of Latvian Travel Agents.

Should you wish to explore Latvia by bicycle, please note that tourist centres offer cycling maps. You may wish to contact the Latvian Bicycle Information Centre in 19a Jēkabpils Street, Rīga (tel.: 67507103; e-mail: ).


  • Ventspils Tourism Information Centre
  • Tourism Information Centre in Roja
  • Kolkasrags Information Centre
  • Tourism Information Centre in Sabile
  • Tourism Information Centre in Tukums
  • Vērgale Tourism information point
  • Kandava County Tourism Information Centre
  • Jūrmalciems Tourism Information Point
  • Priekule Tourism Information Point
  • Aizpute Tourism Information Centre
  • Pāvilosta Tourism Information Centre Dundaga Tourism Information Centre
  • Tourism Information Centre in Saldus
  • Nīca Tourism information point
  • Valdemārpils Tourism Information Centre
  • Zaņa Tourism information point
  • Rucava Tourism Information Centre
  • Kazdanga Tourism Information Centre
  • Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre
  • Liepāja Region Tourism Information Centre
  • Tourism Information Centre in Talsi


  • Rezekne and Vilani District Tourism Information Centre
  • Aglona District Business Support Centre
  • Vilaka Tourism Information Centre
  • Ilūkste Tourism information centre
  • Līvāni Tourism information centre
  • Dviete Valley Information Centre “Gulbji" (Swans)
  • Preiļi Tourism information centre
  • Bebrene Tourism Information Point
  • Krāslava Tourism information centre
  • Ludza Tourism information centre
  • Dagda Tourism information point
  • Balvi tourism information centre
  • Daugavpils Tourism information centre


  • Jurmala Tourism information centre
  • Ogre Tourism information centre
  • Cesis Tourism information centre
  • Gauja National Park Visitor Centre by Zvartes rock
  • Vecpiebalga county Tourism Information Point
  • Rūjiena Tourism information centre
  • Ērgļi Municipality Tourism Information Centre Sigulda Tourism information centre
  • Strenči Tourism information centre
  • Cēsis Tourism information centre
  • Ainaži Tourism information centre
  • Mazsalaca Tourism information centre
  • Gauja National Park Visitor centre by Ligatne Nature Trails
  • Carnikava Tourism Information Centre
  • Salacgrīva Tourism information centre
  • Smiltene area Tourism information centre
  • Valka Tourism information bureau
  • Riga Tourism Information Centre Rātslaukums
  • Gauja National Park Visitor Centre by Gutmans cave
  • Amata Municipality Ieriķi Tourism Information Centre
  • Riga TIC at the Riga International Bus Station
  • Gulbene Tourism information centre
  • Cesvaine Tourism Centre
  • Saulkrasti Tourism information centre
  • Līgatne Tourism information centre
  • Limbaži Tourism Information Centre
  • Staicele Tourism information centre
  • Alūksne Tourism information centre
  • Riga Tourism Information Centre in Livu Square
  • Madona Tourism information centre
  • Varakļāni Municipality Museum Tourism Information Centre
  • Valmiera Tourism information centre


  • Auce Municipality Tourism Information Centre
  • Bauska Tourism Information Centre
  • Kokneses tourism center
  • Pļaviņas Municipality Tourism Information Centre
  • Viesīte tourism information centre
  • Viesīte Tourism Information Centre
  • Jelgava regional tourism centre
  • Jēkabpils Tourism and Information Centre
  • Koknese Tourism Centre
  • Tērvete Tourist Information Centre
  • Tērvete Tourism Information Centre
  • Auce Tourism information centre
  • Skrīveri Tourism Information Centre
  • Dobele District Tourism Information Centre
  • Ķekava Tourism Information Centre
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Jurmala Tourism information centre

Jurmala TIC provides free information about the events, conferences, resort facilities and tourism brochures and maps.
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Kandava County Tourism Information Centre

The Culture Directorate and the Tourism Information Centre of Kandava county.
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Dobele District Tourism Information Centre

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tūrisma informācijas centrs
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Vecpiebalga county Tourism Information Point

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