By train

It is possible to reach Latvia in a convenient and comparatively inexpensive way by train. One can travel by train from Riga to the Russian cities Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pskov and to the Estonian border town Valga.

Trains leave regularly from Riga Central Railway Station for Moscow and St. Petersburg. The train ride to Moscow lasts 17 hours, but to St. Petersburg – 13 hours.

The way is comfortable and the journey takes place overnight. However, one must take into account that this route crosses the Latvian state border. When crossing the state border, a border control is carried out, which includes a set of procedures for inspecting persons, their travel documents and luggage in order to establish the persons’ right to cross the state border. All persons are subject to at least minimum border control, therefore have your passport with entrance visa ready and acquaint yourself with the customs regulations.

Riga Central Railway Station is located at the very centre of the city. Public transport stops and a taxi rank are also located in the Station Square. There is a Tourist Information Centre at the Station. Daugavpils is another important railway hub; it is possible to travel to St. Petersburg and Vilnius from there.

Information on train schedules and ticket prices is available on the Internet at: www.ldz.lv