Transportation rental

If you are willing to get to know Latvia in a long-term, to visit its exciting fields and towns or enjoy nature, you can rent any type of transportation mean, which will suit your purposes.

  • Baltic Bike

A Car Rentals

As you arrive in Latvia, you may already continue your trip by driving a car on your own. In the airport Riga there are almost ten car rentals offering their services, and they include such internationally known names as Hertz, Europcar, addCar, Budget, Avis, SIXT etc. Car rentals can be found also in airports of Liepaja and Ventspils. More information about car rentals is available in, e.g., airport of Riga.

The terms and conditions of rentals may require not only the driver’s licence, but also that the client must be at least 21 and he or she shall have driving experience of one or even two years. There may be also more strict exceptions, e.g., the age of at least 25 in the event you are going to rent VW Sharan, for instance.

For your information, in Latvia the approximate prices for fuel are as follows: fuel 95 – approx. 97 santims (~ EUR 1.39), fuel 98 – 1 lat (~ EUR 1.43), and diesel fuel – 97 santims (~ EUR 1.39).

Yacht Rent

Latviaas a maritime country has been known for its seamen and sailing sports for a long time. Tourists have the opportunity to get to know our country also by using a yacht and having a tour in Daugava, Lielupe, the Gulf of Riga and Baltic Sea. A yacht can be rented for LVL 30 per hour on average for a group of 10-12 persons, and there are also options for LVL 25 in the working days evenings for 4 persons. You can have a little, but unforgettable trip by yacht from Mersrags to the Estonian isles near to Latvia, Saaremaa and Ruhnu. You can get more information about yacht rental in the Latvian yacht harbours in Riga (Andrejsala and Yacht Club of Riga), Jurmala (Yacht Harbour of Lielupe), Liepaja, Pavilsota, Ventspils, Roja, Mersrags, Skulte, Salacgriva, Ainazi, etc.

Camper Rent

You can have a great trip to Latvian open country and towns by driving own car on wheels, i.e., a camper. You don't have to drive t here from your countr as you can rent it here in Latvia. The price depends on the duration of rent and season, in summer for a period until week the average price is LVL 65-80 per day, and you can get discounts when the rent period exceeds two weeks. You have to bear in mind that the rental may request a safety deposit until LVL 400. Some rentabls offer also navigation system. More information about camper rent in www.kemperauto.lv, www.kemperunoma.lv, www.ripomaja.lv and other camper rentals.

Bike rental

The first self-service bike rental BalticBike has been opened in Riga in collaboration with the airline airBaltic. The rental offers 100 bikes in 11 conveniently accessed spots, e.g., in the heart of Riga Ratslaukums (City Hall Square), Hotel de Rome, Hotel Islande, trade centre Origo, Jurmala, Majori, and Dzintari. The principle of self-service is very simple, you just need a bank card and you will receive a code in your mobile telephone for unlocking the bike. Price per day is LVL 8, week – LVL 25 only.

If you want to cycle in the famous Latvian resort city Jurmala, you can use bike rental services also in railway stations of Bulduri or Kemeri. The price for the first hour is LVL 3, each following hour – LVL 1.

In Sigulda, the so-called Switzerland of Vidzeme, you can rent a bike in Ramkalni, Reina Trase or in thestore Burusports (this particular rental requires only LVL 5 per day). In Talsi there are two bike rentals (also LVL 5 per day only). Bikes can be rented also in numerous rural guest houses. Also the popular recreation centre Ezi in Valmiera rent the bikes, but more extensive information about bike rental in Latvia can be obtained in regional Tourism Information Centres.

Boat Rental for Water Tourism

If you want to do water tourism and have an exciting adventure in some of the picturesque Latvian rivers, the many boat rentals will provide you with inventory and boats; the most popular boat rentals are www.campo.lv, www.laivo.lv, www.juraslaivas.lv, www.mezmalaslaivas.lv, www.rakaricamp.lv, www.peldam.lv, www.laivunoma.lv, www.ramkalni.lv, www.gaujas-laivas.lv, www.laivaslatgale.lv, www.kanoenoma.lv, www.amataklubs, etc. Also the rental of different planes, helicopters and even hot-air balloons is available in Latvia.