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Valmiera is one of the oldest towns in Latvia. The beautiful and romantic town is situated on turns of one of the most beautiful Rivers in Latvia – Gauja River. Valmiera is located about 120 km northeast from Riga and about 50 km from the border of Estonia.

Situated in the beautiful Vidzeme district, Valmiera town is popular among Lithuanians, Estonians, Germans and Fins as a one-day trip.

A walk through Valmiera is like a journey through its history with sensations of the little altered nature and the hectic pace of modern urban life.

Year 1283 has been dated as the historic start of Valmiera when the construction of Saint Simon's Church was initiated, however archaeological excavations show that people have lived in the surroundings of Valmiera already 8000 years ago.

Today medieval castle ruins, fortification bastions, wall fragments and St. Simon's Chuch are the testimonies of the ancient Valmiera. Valmiera Museum is located in the territoru of Valmiera castle - ruins in eight houses and reconstrucetd between the 18th adn the 21th century.

During the course of time and the ruling of different monarchs the name of the city has had various endings – Wolmar, Woldemer, Wolmahr, Wolmaria. Wars and fires have destroyed the city many times, but the hard-working residents of Valmiera have always built it anew.

Valmiera's most beautiful adornment the Gauja River winds through the city in the length of 8 km and divides it in two almost equal parts. In the past it used to be an important component of the city's economic development; nowadays the Gauja is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul yet simultaneously it offers great possibilities for recreation.

Valmiera leaves a strong impression as a venue of cultural and sporting events; it also offers good shopping and entertainment opportunities and allows everyone to leisurely enjoy the atmosphere of cosy cafes and comfortable lodgings. Valmiera can be proud of its own higher educational establishments - Vidzeme University College, the only professional performance theatre in Vidzeme, Vidzeme Olimpyc Centre and the largest regional shopping centre in Latvia "Valleta".

Valmiera is a nice place to visit – come and assure yourselves.
Welcome to Valmiera, a city that thinks and creates!

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