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In the summer heat there is nothing more enjoyable than to relax by the water. But if you are tempted to do something more active than just taking an ordinary swim you can engage in some water sport activities. The guesthouses and recreation facilities that are located near the water in most places in Latvia offer you the possibility to ride on water-skis, wakeboarding, and jet skiing.

Many water sport facilities are to be found in Latvia. The information on them can be gained at the regional Tourist Information Centre (TIC), and then you can head off to your desired destination. High quality equipment and experienced instructors are provided so that even beginners can engage in these sport and recreation activities.

It is also possible to engage in water sport activities in Riga and its surroundings. For instance, several active recreation clubs are located by Lake Ķīšezers on the bank near Mežaparks, also at the river Daugava near Krasta Street, and the  water-skiing club Priedaine, which is located on the right bank the river Lielupe in Priedaine, serves the Jūrmala district.

 The “Aktīvās atpūtas centrs” (Active Recreation Centre) in Baltezers offers rides and training in water-skiing, wakeboarding, and riding the jet ski. Thrill seekers will also enjoy wake skating, knee-boarding, kite-surfing, and tubing.

One of the most modern water sport centres "Ozolnieku ūdenskrātuve" (Ozolnieki Water Reservoire) is located at Ozolnieki near Jelgava. The only waterskiing route in Latvia is located here; where when riding water-skis, a motorboat is not needed, as the skier is drawn along by the help of special funicular system. The wire is located in a circle of 785 m on five poles, and the speed of the skiing can be altered from 20 to 60 km/h depending on the skier. There are approximately 220 such facilities worldwide, moreover it is interesting that this system can also be used in winter to simulate alpine skiing. It is quite possible that this kind of water-skiing track is the only one of its kind in Europe!!

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