Welcome to Riga — the European Capital of Culture

Since olden times Riga has been a city with rich cultural life, so no wonder, it has earned the honour to become the European capital of culture.  

The event programme promised by Riga for 2014 will be a pleasant surprise for any person interested. It envisages several hundreds of exciting cultural events, including the pride of place given to amber, which historically linked many nations but in modern Latvia is used in different new ways.      

This year the focus of attention will be placed on the Castle of Light or the new building of the Latvian National Library designed by the world famous Latvian architect Gunars Birkerts. Thus far, for fans of architecture the name of Riga has been associated with the romantic medieval buildings and the marvellous Art Nouveau heritage located on the right bank of the river Daugava but now also the left bank of the river with the new library will become a landmark of the city.

Event programm

More than 12,000 participants from almost hundred various cultural institutions: national, local and non-governmental have engaged in the cultural capital of Europe event programme preparation.  

Riga's — European capital of culture — event programme features both modern and historical trends which have left significant traces in the society's memory and culture. Fine arts exhibitions and modern art festival "Survival Kit", which in a few years' time has become a much-awaited event in the general public, several performances, festivities, promotions and attractions and, yes, of course, the light festival "Shine on, Riga!" which lightens up our capital in the darkest time of the year. Also, the national  solstice festival with sonorous Ligo songs, frothy beer mugs and oak tree wreaths... and much more to come. 

Follow the programme "Riga 2014" and come to visit! Welcome to Riga, its picturesque sister city Sigulda and the whole Latvia!   

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